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Money Talks

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Should I ask potential roommates for proof of employment?

Money Talks

When it comes to selecting a roommate, be careful to find a dependable contributor. Financial issues aren't fun to talk about, but are important when the rent is due. Don't be afraid to ask serious roommate candidates for references and proof of employment.
If you're uncomfortable asking about financial issues, here are some tips to help you open the lines of communication:
1). Clearly state when rent is due and set guidelines. For example, "Rent is due on the first of every month and I like to mail checks one week before. Will that be a problem for your pay schedule?"
2). "I would like to call references, if that's ok with you. Would you mind if I call you current employer?"
3). Before the interview, make a list of the monthly bills and what each person would pay. Be upfront with your candidate about the bills and show him/her the budget. Then ask, "This is a breakdown of the monthly bills and payment due dates. Does it seem reasonable to you?"



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