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Talk About It

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How can I avoid possible roommate troubles?

Talk About It

Everyone has different ideas about what's appropriate, and we don't always remember to share them. For instance, you may find the perfect roommate, and a few months later, she's moved her boyfriend in without asking! Three's a crowd in a tiny apartment, so be very specific about what sort of living arrangements you are comfortable with. Discuss these things openly, from the very beginning, to avoid sticky roommate situations later on.
Here are some talking point suggestions:
1). Be very clear on your schedule. If you're an early-riser and are required to be at work at an early hour, make sure your candidate knows your schedule.
2). Talk about their personal lives. Living together is a personal thing and can create a very close relationship, so be honest. If your boyfriend or best friend is over all time, tell your candidate and get their reaction. Then have an open dialogue conversation about their friends.
3). If you're a homebody, entertaining the idea of a party animal as a roommate might not suit your personality. Find out up front what your candidate likes to do in their spare time.



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