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Salt Lake City Roommates: More than Meets the Eye

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Is a Salt Lake City roommate right for me?

Salt Lake City Roommates: More than Meets the Eye

Salt Lake City might be best known as home of the Mormons, a religious group that originally settled in the area and later built the headerquarters for the Church of Latter day Saints. After the 2002 Olympics, interest in Salt Lake City as a winter wonderland and rapidly growing metro area resulted in a need for more housing for the growing population.

Salt Lake City roommates frequently encounter people who are new to the state so it's important to communicate expectations precisely and take time to introduce them to the beauty, variety and amenities of the area. A warm welcome and introduction can go a long way toward helping someone become acquainted with their surroundings. In the long run, it will help you both enjoy the benefits of having a roommate.

If you still aren't sure a roommate is the right move for you then visit to see who is searching for Salt Lake City roommates then take this short quiz to see if having a roommate is right for you.

  • You would like to save money and share expenses.
  • You enjoy having company and companionship.
  • You would like to have someone look over the house or apartment when you are away.
  • You would feel safer having another person living in the house.



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