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Orlando Roommates: New Relocation Advice

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Is having an Orlando roommate a good idea?

Orlando Roommates: New Relocation Advice

Orlando is a popular destination for vacation and retirement so it should come as no surprise to learn it is also one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. As more people relocate to Orlando for jobs, college and retirement, the demand for Orlando roommates is greater than ever.

Indeed, Orlando has a lot to offer: Tourist attractions, museums, universities, pro sports teams and much more. Combined with great weather and world class recreation, Orlando roommates can barely wait to tell their family and friends all the great things they do each and every week...and that is where the problems begin. Your new house or apartment has just become the destination point for your entire family tree.

Use this Orlando roommates survival guide for a quick education:

1. Orlando is in the center of the state which makes it convenient to the entire state of Florida. No matter where your relatives or friends are going in the state, your house will be first on the list.

2. In most people's opinion, Orlando IS Florida so again, your house will be first on their list. It won't take long until you become reacquainted with every long lost member of your family both in the states and abroad.

3. Orlando is home to the most famous tourist attractions and theme parks in the world so of course, by proxy you have just become part of the visit list. Join the Chamber of Commerce mailing list and keep a steady supply of tourist information and maps available. You will need them.

4. Orlando International airport is a the way many people arrive to the entire state. Get used to picking up and dropping off distant family members and long lost friends from the airport. It helps to have an alarm clock with dual settings so you aren't late for work.

5. People generally think that everyone who lives in Orlando is on permanent vacation and are all unofficial travel guides. When you first relocate to Orlando, wait before visiting all the attractions. You are going to visit them so often the staff will know you by name.

6. Everyone who comes to Orlando wants to save money to do more fun things; buy a few fold-up cots for the children and sofa bed for the living room.

Still, it's a small price to pay for living in paradise!



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