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How to Change Roommates with a Lease

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How can I add a new roommate to my lease?

How to Change Roommates with a Lease

Having a Philadelphia roommate is a great way to cut expenses but if you have an existing lease then changing roommates takes a little more planning and preparation. Here is what you and your potential new roommate need to do to change the name on a lease.

  • Submit a written request to change roommates to your landlord and ask the landlord for a rental application to send to the new prospective roommate.
  • Have the prospective roommate complete the application and submit it for approval as soon as possible. The landlord will usually require an application fee, credit and background check. These should all be paid by the prospective roommate. They can send all of the information directly to the landlord if they desire.
  • Once approved, your and your new roommate will probably be asked to sign a new lease or rental agreement. Because this is a new lease, take time to review your terms carefully. Don't assume everything has stayed the same.



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