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Personality Types: Picking Boston Roommates

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What type of personality type makes the best roommate?

Personality Types: Picking Boston Roommates

Anyone who has ever had a roommate understands the importance of personality and finding Boston roommates is no exception. Use this handy "Boston roommates personal survival guide" in conjunction with's matching service to find a roommate you can live with...and like.

Boston Brown: This quiet, serious roommate tends to be organized and hard working. They are interested in a peaceful lifestyle with well defined goals and have never been mistaken as the life of the party.

True Blue Boston: Loyal and dedicated, this roommate is also a bit of a risk-taker. They like extreme sports and good friends but may be less inclined toward tidiness or deep philosophical conversation.

Boston Bluff: Don't believe everything you hear from this Boston brag; that deep bravado hides a lot of insecurity with a tendency to take things personally if you aren't careful. Deeply sensitive, this Boston roommate will be a lifelong friend once you accept them as they are.

Boston Belle: Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind has nothing on this Boston roommate. The center of attention and life of every party, the Boston Belle can be great fun when things are going well or a fair weather friend when times or tough.

Boston Bad Boy: "The roommate without a cause" might best describe this independent type. Freedom and individuality matter most to them so take it or leave it but don't try to change it.

Boston Baby: When searching for Boston roommates you would do well to steer clear of this type. Boston Babies aren't searching for a roommate but rather someone to take care of them and fix their life. Needy, dependent and unable to cope, they can also be delightful. Beware.

Boston Babbler: Witty and talkative, the babbler enjoys debate any time of the day or night. They love new ideas and are open to almost anything different but don't expect much peace and quiet.

Bossy Bostonian: Outspoken, assertive and downright bossy this roommate is intelligent, resourceful and ready to tell you how to fix your life.



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