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Resolutions Tips for Roommates

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How can I resolve conflict with my roommate?

Resolutions Tips for Roommates

Disagreements are bound to happen when living with another person and New York roommates are no exception to the rule. The stress of modern day life combined with one of the most difficult rental markets in the nation, make these resolution tips more important than ever for New York roommates.

  1. Schedule a time to discuss issues as they arise. Pick a time that is convenient to both of you to speak your mind without feeling rushed. Discussing it over a nice lunch or dinner is an excellent way to remain calm and positive.
  2. Avoid blame. Instead of using "You" use "I" when speaking about your feelings. Use neutral objective language to describe the problem.
  3. Admit your role in the problem.
  4. Propose your solution to the problem but ask for your roommate's input and show that you are open to ideas or negotiation.
  5. Validate your roommate's position.
  6. Agree to disagree if needed but remain focused on finding a solution that works for both of you.
  7. If all else fails then sign up with to find a more compatible roommate.



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