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Using Craigslist to Find Denver Roommates

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Can I find a roommate in Denver by using Craigslist?

Using Craigslist to Find Denver Roommates

Residents of Denver may find Craigslist to be a worthwhile resource for those who are seeking roommates. This website caters to over 450 cities and provides a number of different classified advertisements including advertisements for residence sharing. Prospective Denver roommates will find the Craigslist website fairly easy to navigate.

The process of finding a Denver roommate on Craigslist begins by navigating to the website dedicated specifically to the city of Denver. This is accomplished by selecting the city of Denver from the list of U.S. cities provided on the Craigslist homepage. Next users select, “rooms/shared” under the housing option. This will bring the user to a new webpage which provides the most recent postings arranged in reverse chronological order. Clicking on these postings will bring the user to more specific information for each posting such as location, rent, size of housing unit, contact information and sometimes even pictures of the unit.



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