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Secrets to Success: Finding the Perfect Roommate

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How do I find the perfect roommate?

Secrets to Success: Finding the Perfect Roommate

Anyone who remembers sharing a room with a sibling probably thinks finding the perfect roommate is impossible, but roommate search sites like make it easy to find someone who shares your likes and dislikes.

Once you have narrowed down your roommate search to the top few prospects then schedule a time to meet in person if possible. The little things can make or break the relationship even if everything sounds great on paper.

Be sure to meet any pets in person too! In fact, get to know as much about who and what will be sharing your life before making a final decision. Next, ask about schedules. This seems obvious but few people think about asking in advance. Depending upon the house or apartment this may become a critical issue. Finally, have a close friend or someone you trust join the first meeting. Not only is it safer but a second opinion is a great way to remain objective or notice small things you might have missed.



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