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Find Your Next Roommate Online

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How can I find my next roommate?

Find Your Next Roommate Online

Searching for a roommate is a lot like dating; it requires common sense and a bit of luck. Fortunately, new online roommate search services make it easier than ever to connect. Here is what you need to know about selecting a roommate online:

Keep your contact information confidential. Don't post your address, phone, email or other private information in an online public forum. Instead, use a confidential services that allow you to create a profile and then communicate via private messages.

Set your criteria in advance. Make a list of those things you need and then those things you desire in a roommate - then stick to it. Don't go on "gut" alone but instead use your checklist to rate or rank each potential roommate. Remember, for better or worse, first impressions fade away.

Have a system. Make your roommate search as easy as possible by using services like to find a roommate. Instead of guessing or trying to figure out what you have in common, automatically matches you with others who share similar profiles. They put the decision-making process in your hands and allow you to contact who you want, when you want.



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