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Baltimore Roommates Explore Neighborhood Options

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Which neighborhood in Baltimore should my roommate and I choose?

Baltimore Roommates Explore Neighborhood Options

Baltimore roommates who wish to relocate within the city have a variety of options available to them. Without leaving the city, these roommates may find relocating to a different neighborhoods makes a significant difference in the living atmosphere. There are over 200 neighborhoods in Baltimore and selecting one can seem overwhelming. We will highlight just a few of these diverse Baltimore neighborhoods.

The Federal Hill neighborhood offers a bevy of advantages in terms of location. This neighborhood is located within walking distance of most downtown businesses, Camden Yards, Ravens football stadium, the MARC rail line to Washington and a Light Rail station. This neighborhood also overlooks Inner Harbor. With this neighborhood, location is the key factor and makes it ideal for Baltimore roommates seeking convenience.

The Seton Hill neighborhood in Baltimore offers a great deal to those seeking religious ties. This neighborhood, which was designated as a Historic and Architectural Preservation District in 1968, features the Mother Seton House, Old Saint Mary's Chapel, Orchard Street Church and St. Mary's Park.

Baltimore roommates investigating the Butcher Hill neighborhood may want to wait until the second Sunday in October to tour this neighborhood. This day features the neighborhood's annual housing tour which can provide roommate a great deal of insight into this eclectic neighborhood featuring grand residences, dense rowhouses, and a few individual homes. This neighborhood is also home to a number of artists who have called upon their creativity in the restoration of their homes creating an interesting environment.



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