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Enjoying the Nightlife with your Miami Roommates

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Where can I enjoy the Miami nightlife with my Miami roommates?

Enjoying the Nightlife with your Miami Roommates

Miami has a number of options for roommates who are looking to enjoy the nightlife. This city is notorious for its after hours fun and many of the neighborhoods have a variety of late night options for residents. You may chose to enjoy the nightlife in the neighborhood in which you reside or to travel to nearby neighborhoods. Some of the neighborhoods with excellent nightlife options include Downtown, Miami Beach and South Beach.

The Downtown area of Miami features many attractions for those who enjoy nightlife. Revelers can enjoy cocktails and dancing at hotspots such as Bahia Bar, M-Bar, Venitia Lounge and Sixty-Six Mia.

The Miami Beach neighborhood is packed with nightlife options. More than 20 bars line the streets of this lively neighborhood. There are bars which specialize in cocktails, music and dancing. There are also a number of nightspots with an ethnic flair.

The South Beach neighborhood also offers a number of nightlife options. Dance clubs are particularly popular in this neighborhood. Clubs such as Cameo and Mansion are just a few of the exciting late night options for residents and tourists alike.



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