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Short Term Leases for Philadelphia Roommates

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Can I find a short term lease in Philadelphia?

Short Term Leases for Philadelphia Roommates

The large concentration of colleges in Philadelphia make it possible to find short term leases in this city. The city of Philadelphia is referred to as One Big Campus by some because of the number of colleges in this city. Some of these colleges include Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Temple and the University of Pennsylvania.

Cities with a number of colleges are often know for offering unique terms for rental agreements. This is because most colleges operate between August of one year until May of the following year with a brief hiatus over the summer months. As a result many students are often seeking nine or 10 month leases as opposed to full year leases. There may also be students taking summer classes who are seeking leases for just the summer months. For this reason Philadelphia roommates often need to either find one of these short term leases or have the option to sublet the apartment during the summer months.



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