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Be Honest with Your Roommate and Yourself

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How should I present myself when interviewing potential roommates?

Be Honest with Your Roommate and Yourself

It is important to be honest about your expectations as well as your personal characteristics when seeking a roommate. Before you even begin the search for a roommate you should carefully evaluate what you are looking for in a roommate. You should consider factors such as gender, race, age, sexual orientation, personal habits, tidiness, leisure activities and sleeping patterns. It is important to evaluate yourself carefully and build a list of your attributes as well as the attributes you are seeking in a potential roommate.

As you meet with potential roommates you should keep your list of attributes in mind. During the interview, ask questions to determine whether or not the prospective roommate will be an ideal match. It is also extremely important to be honest about yourself during this interview. This is important because the individual you are interviewing is also trying to determine if you are a suitable match for him. It is not possible to make this determination without accurate information. Therefore, if you tell the other person you do not smoke, and they are allergic to smoke, they will likely be disappointed if they move in and find out you were dishonest. They may also be eligible to break the rental agreement in this situation.



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