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Schedule Roommate Meetings Regularly

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How can I keep my roommate situation running smoothly?

Schedule Roommate Meetings Regularly

Regularly scheduled roommate meetings can help to avoid conflicts or quickly resolve conflicts if they develop. Roommate living situations are notoriously problematic. Conflicts tend to arise in all types of roommate situations. This includes friends who decide to live together as well as strangers who meet online or through an advertisement and enter a rental agreement together. Roommates tend to fight over a number of different issues. Some of these issues include paying rent, visitors, cleaning and noise levels.

Roommate meetings do not have to be held very often. In fact meeting held too frequently can result in resentment among the roommates. Monthly meetings are usually sufficient. These meetings can be supplemented with interim meetings if issues which need to be dealt with immediately arise between regularly scheduled meetings. Monthly meetings provide the roommate with sufficient time between meetings to evaluate whether or not progress has been made since the last meeting on issues discussed during the meetings. It also provides a an opportunity for roommates to discuss time sensitive issues which arise during the course of the rental agreement.



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