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Understanding the Law when You Have Roommates

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What are the legal ramifications of having a roommate?

Understanding the Law when You Have Roommates

It is imperative for you to understand the law when you have roommates. This is important because failure to do so can have serious consequences. Specifically your living situation could be jeopardized by the actions of your roommate. It is always important to have the name of all residents of the housing unit listed on the rental agreement. This is important because it can help to protect you if your roommate is not fulfilling the obligations of the rental agreement or is violating the law.

When your roommates do not pay their portion of the rent, it can have serious consequences for you. In these case you may still be evicted because the rent was not paid completely. You should work with your roommates to ensure their portion of the rent is being paid. The easiest way to do this is to collect the money for the rent and pay the entire portion yourself.

You roommate may jeopardize his living situation by violating the law. You will not likely be held accountable in these instances unless you participated in the illegal activities. However, even if you are not held accountable for these actions, the situation can affect you adversely. Specifically, if your roommate is forced to vacate the housing unit, you will have to find another way to cover his portion of the rent. If you cannot find another roommate and cannot afford to pay the additional portion you may have to break your rental agreement.



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