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Dallas Roommates: Your Roommate Might Be a Cowboy (or girl) If...

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How can I tell if my Dallas Roommate is a cowboy?

Dallas Roommates: Your Roommate Might Be a Cowboy (or girl) If...

Dallas is home of the Cowboys so you shouldn't be surprised to find more than a few real live cowboys or cowgirls among potential Dallas roommates. Here are the top ten signs your roommate might be a cowboy (or cowgirl):

  • Their profile lists the "Texas Cowboys Alumni Association."
  • They list their hobbies as rodeo, horse-back riding and trail riding.
  • Their Christmas wish list shows five pairs of boots, spurs, hat, large belt buckle and custom saddle.
  • Two words: Bolo Tie.
  • Their top tourist attractions include the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Sterquell Wagon Collection.
  • Their entire music collection consists of Waddie Mitchell, Red Steagall, and the Sons of San Joaquin.
  • They tried finding Dallas roommates on GiddyUpGo classifieds before turning to
  • The word "Pardner" is a standard part of their vocabulary.
  • They subscribe to the "Cow Patty News" monthly newsletter.



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