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Houston Roommates: Lease Basics

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What do I need to know about a rental lease?

Houston Roommates: Lease Basics

Finding Houston roommates is easy with sites like, but navigating the confusing world of rental rates and lease negotiation isn't quite as simple. Understanding basic conditions and terminology helps Houston roommates connect with confidence.

  1. Use a lease to avoid future problems. If you don't have a lease then contact an attorney, real estate agent or visit your local office center to purchase a standard state issue lease.
  2. A lease is a legal contract so it must contain certain items including dates, signatures of everyone involved, full legal names, the amount of rent to be charged and any other condition of importance.
  3. The written lease will take precedent over any verbal agreements so put unusual requests in writing.
  4. The lease should stipulate the rent amount, duration of the lease (month to month, six months or one year are standard), late charges, restrictions and other important information. Review it carefully.
  5. A lease becomes active when it is signed. If you change your mind a few days after signing the lease you may be responsible for part of that months rent or forfeit a portion of your security deposit.
  6. The lease will tell you what is allowed and what isn't. Check for smoking, pets, hot-tubs, boats, and other restrictions.
  7. Leases are easy to find but understanding the terms is much more difficult. Get professional advice when required.



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