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Phoenix Roommates: Rules of the Road

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What house rules should I use for my Phoenix roommates?

Phoenix Roommates: Rules of the Road

Finding a roommate is only half the battle; actually learning to live with someone is the real challenge. Take advantage of the early honeymoon stage to establish mutually agreeable terms with your Phoenix roommates.

The Phoenix roommates "Rules of the Road" are as follows:

  1. Everyone needs a little privacy once in awhile. Agree in advance to a solitude schedule that works for everyone.
  2. The rent, deposits, bills or other expenses are business and will be treated like business. Use a contract, put it in writing and abide by it.
  3. If sharing is allowed then understand what is acceptable and what is off limits.
  4. Decide how food, television and other community resources are to be identified or divided.
  5. Have an emergency plan. Know who and how to contact your roommates family in case of emergency.
  6. Keep the lines of communication open. A simple erase board or memo pad is fine but set up some method to leave messages for your Phoenix roommates.
  7. Respect one another.



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