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Choosing The Perfect Roommate

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Is a friend's party a good place to find a potential roommate?

Choosing The Perfect Roommate

Sometimes life-altering decisions are made at the worst times, like after a few drinks at a friend's house, or during a stressful time when you might not be thinking clearly. Social settings are a great place to mingle, get to know new people, and even make new friends. Unfortunately, some people mistakenly believe they've found the perfect roommate while under the influence of alcohol. Think about it…how much could you possibly know about someone you've just met? Okay, sure, you're only looking for a roommate to share the rent, not a life partner, but is it really all that different? You'll still be sharing the same space and with that comes a certain degree of accountability. How do you know that this “perfect roommate” you just met doesn't become a raging party animal on Saturday nights? Does this person have any unusual phobias or fears that could disrupt your living space? While some of these scenarios might be somewhat extreme, it's important to consider all of the possibilities before settling on what you believe is the perfect roommate.

Conducting a roommate search doesn't have to be under strict conditions, but you should be clear-headed with a good idea of the type of person you can share a living space with.



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