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A New Roommate With A Pet

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How do I find out if it's okay to let my new roommate move in with a pet?

A New Roommate With A Pet

So you've registered for an account using a free roommate finder and after some carefully searching finally found the perfect roommate! Until, that is, your new roommate-to-be says she has a dog. It's one of those cute little dogs that you can carry around in your jacket pocket. The barks aren't loud enough to bother anyway and you're not allergic to dogs, so why not? After all, after meeting several potential roommates, you finally found someone you feel comfortable sharing your living space with.

In this case, the problem really isn't the dog, how cute he is, or whether or not you're allergic. What matters is what's written on your lease. If you live in a big apartment building where you know other tenants have small pets underfoot, you might want to consider talking to your landlord. He or she might be okay with the dog, but with an increase in rent to cover any potential damages caused by the animal. If your new roommate is willing to pay a little more for rent to cover that extra cost, and it's okay with you and your landlord, the little pooch might be soon calling your leather sofa “home”. Otherwise, you may have to get out there and restart your roommate search.



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