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Beware Of Roommate Finder Discrimination

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Is it okay to say I only want someone of a certain religion when looking for a roommate online?

Beware Of Roommate Finder Discrimination

If you're female, deciding you're only comfortable taking in a female roommate seems reasonable enough. When posting requirements for the perfect roommate on a free roommate finder, many people make note of the fact that they prefer a male or a female roommate. However, when you start getting really specific about things like race, religion, ethnicity, etc., you've suddenly moved into the territory of discrimination. While the online roommate finder may allow you to post the information you want, they're probably not going to back you up in case of any formal complaints or legal action. So, when deciding who your perfect roommate would be, try to stick with broad, general descriptions. You want to make sure the person has a job, can pay his/her share of the rent, and has a personality compatible to yours. It's okay to request a criminal record check and references. In fact, for your safety, those things are recommended.

Once you find the free roommate finder that you want to use, have a look at the fine print. Way down on the bottom of the web page, there's usually a “terms of use” link that outlines your rights and responsibilities as a user of the free roommate finder. It's not an exciting read, but it's an important one that most people overlook. Even though no contract has been signed, when you sign up to use sites like this, you're bound by certain rules and regulations that are outlined in the terms of use. We've all been asked to click “Yes” on a link to say that we've read a site's policies, terms, and regulations, even though most of us really haven't. Before you use a free roommate finder, have a look at what's expected of you, and what you can expect from the site's owners.



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