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Things To Think About Before Placing A Roommate Wanted Ad

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What should I consider before placing a roommate wanted ad?

Things To Think About Before Placing A Roommate Wanted Ad

If you've never had roommates before, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Sometimes inviting your best friend to become your roommate isn't such a great idea. Your friend may be the life of every party, but as a live-in, he may not be so funny. When you're sharing a living space with someone, their faults become obvious all too quickly and if that person happens to be a best friend, you could risk damaging your friendship in the long haul.

So, when it's time to look for roommates, ask yourself a few things before placing a roommate wanted ad:

1) Do I want someone who is in early riser or someone who stays up until the wee hours of the morning?

2) Will I mind if this person works odd hours and shifts?

3) Will I be able to handle lots of visits from this person's friends and family?

4) How am I going to set boundaries on privacy?

It's not that it's hard to find a roommate, it's that it's hard to find someone to share your living space. The nicest person in the world, might not be a good fit for the simple fact that they never pick up after themselves. Nice people can also be slobs! If that doesn't bother you, maybe something else will. That's why when it comes time to find a roommate, really ask the questions you need answered before the person moves in.



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