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Roommate or Relationship?

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Is an online gay roommate matching site a good place to find someone I could eventually have a relationship with?

Roommate or Relationship?

If you've got a room to rent and you're looking for a gay roommate, make sure to understand exactly what you're after. Are you looking for a gay roommate simply to hang out with someone who shares the same sexual orientation? Or are you ultimately looking for a relationship? It might take a little soul-searching, but it's important to be honest with your self. There's nothing wrong with searching for a partner, but if that's really what you're after, using an online dating service for that. That way, there's no confusion about the type of relationship you're looking for.

If, however, you just want a gay roommate to share your living space and help pay the rent, there are some great gay roommate matching sites geared specifically for you. They work the same as any other find-a-roommate website and include the ability to meet and chat online in a public forum, post roommate wanted ads, and respond to the matches you choose to accept. One of the main advantages of using a gay roommate matching service is that you don't have to feel as if you're discriminating in any way. There's no need to specify “gay roommate” because it's already implied in your use of the website.

The important thing, no matter which type of site you choose, is to be honest with yourself and your prospective roommate about the type of relationship (if any) you're ultimately looking for.



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