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Roommate Conflict Resolution

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How do I handle a conflict between me and my roommate?

Roommate Conflict Resolution

Inevitably, moments are going to arise that are a bit awkward or tense, especially during the process of getting used to a new roommate. The trick is how you handle situations as they arise. Do you want your roommate to stick around a while, or do you want to drive them away? The following are two examples of situations that could arise and how you might handle them:

1) Roommate not doing his/her share of the housework.

If this starts to happen, rather than attacking the other person with complaints and demands, ask him or her how things are going. It could be that he or she has been working overtime, bringing work home, or are having other personal issues that have been keeping them preoccupied. There's no need to jump right into anger mode. Try to keep the topic light. By mentioning the fact that he or she has been too busy to pitch in with the housekeeping, your roommate might get the hint.

2) Loud Music

It's not that you don't like music, it's that you don't like your roommate blasting it at midnight when you have to get up to go to work or school the next day. Keep in mind that at night, when the television is off, none of the appliances are going, and the general hum of the day has quieted down, that music may seem a lot louder than it actually is. If it's a one-time occurrence, you might choose to stick in some ear plugs and ignore it. However, if it becomes a habit, you'll have to ask your roommate to keep the music down in the evenings. Suggest headphones for your roommate, or better yet, by him or her a pair!



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