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Worst Ways to Find a San Diego Roommate

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What are the Best and Worst Ways to Find San Diego Roommates?

Worst Ways to Find a San Diego Roommate

Sure, you know all the good advice about finding a roommate: Visit to use their confidential matching service, keep your information private, use a screening process... but what about those of you who like to go it alone? Some people have to learn on their own. If you select that route there are a few things to avoid. Here are the worst ways to find San Diego Roommates:

Newspapers. Not only are newspapers slow but you must publish your phone number for the entire world to see. Expect prank calls, deadbeats and sob stories to occupy all of your time for the next three weeks. Don't forget; You have to PAY for the privilege!

Online classified ads or bulletin boards. The better ones are a small improvement over newspaper classifieds since they provide a proxy email but expect your inbox to be flooded with spam.

Word of Mouth: Sometimes word of mouth works well for finding a roommate but usually it doesn't. Otherwise, why would a family member or close friend not give them a place to stay instead of sending them to you? Think about it.



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