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Welcoming Your New Roommate

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How can I make my new roommate feel at home and comfortable in her new neighbourhood?

Welcoming Your New Roommate

You've done the roommate search and now a new roommate is about to move in. Are you nervous? Want to make a good impression? Are you concerned about getting along with the new roommate? The best way to quell your fears and anxieties is by taking the lead in welcoming your new roommate to your home, apartment, or condo. Definitely give them the grand tour of the place (even if you already did that when you met with them in the initial interview), but consider going a little further with your welcome plan. Your new roommate might be from a different town, state, or even country! Plan to spend some time doing a tour of your favourite neighborhood haunts. Where do you love to eat? Where are the best night clubs? Do you have any safety tips to offer your new roommate in regards to their new geographical surroundings? As a local, you should be able to offer a variety of tips and tricks to make your new roommate feel welcomed, at ease, and safer. Even if your roommate is from the same city, he or she might not be familiar with the neighbourhood. He or she might not feel they need a physical tour of their new surroundings, but you could still offer some tips on the best places to eat, get takeout, see movies, theatre, or do personal business like banking.

Welcoming a new roommate can be as much or as little as you want. The more comfortable you can make your new roommate feel, the better it's going to be for both of you.



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