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San Francisco: Roommates and Rent Control

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Will taking a San Francisco Roommate impact my rent control?

San Francisco: Roommates and Rent Control

San Francisco roommates should be aware of the rules surrounding rent control. Because rents in San Francisco tend to be high, and rentals tough to find, rent control is there to protect tenants from large increases in their rent. Without rent control a landlord can raise the rent as much as desired at any time with proper notification.

For San Francisco roommates rent control can be a huge bonus! If someone has been in their apartment for several years then their rent might be much less than comparable rents today. One potential area of concern is the lease and other rules surrounding rent control and roommates.

In some cases, a landlord might be able to raise the rent, even in a rent control apartment, for San Francisco roommates. Plan ahead and understand fully how it will impact your rent.



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