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New Roommates - Play It Safe

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How can I protect my safety when searching for a new roommate?

New Roommates - Play It Safe

Anytime you invite a stranger into your home to become your new roommate, it makes sense to exercise a little caution when it comes to protection your valuables, and yourself! For example, your sensibilities might say…hey, I don't care if my roommate is male or female, even though you're a tiny female woman with no self-defence skills whatsoever. It could happen. There's no reason to fear everyone you meet, but it's important to be cautious and use common sense when inviting someone to actually live with you. The reality is, even if your work schedules will prevent you from actually seeing this person on a regular basis, this person is going to be sleeping under the same roof as you are.

The best way to protect yourself is to require that potential roommates present a completed and official criminal record check. People can request them (sometimes for a fee) from their local police department. Don't be satisfied with the fact that the potential roommate has a copy of one in his or her hand, actually make a copy and read it through before making your decision. Once you've accepted someone into your apartment as a new roommate, you can protect your valuables by keeping them in a small safe. If you don't want to seem obvious or rude, just keep the safe in your bedroom. It will give you piece of mind.



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