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Finding Southern US College Roommates

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How can I find a college roommate in the southern United States?

Finding Southern US College Roommates

If you are looking for a college roommate in the southern United States, there are many ways to go about finding the right one. Online roommate services like offer extensive search options that can help you locate and contact roommates that meet your specific requirements. Websites like provide listings specifically for college students or people who want to live near a college or university. Online roommate services such as these charge a small fee, but they can be well worth the cost if you are living in a large city like Houston or Phoenix and want to narrow your search results. If you prefer not to spend any money in your search, looking on or other online classifieds can be helpful in finding a place to live or roommates to share your space with. After selecting a state and city on Craigslist, look under the “Housing” section. Offline sources such as local classifieds and bulletin boards are another good place to look for roommates. Colleges and universities are often littered with flyers of people looking for roommates or offering a room to rent. When you are considering a college roommate, be sure to ask detailed questions to make sure they are the type of person you want to share a room or apartment with. Some of these questions may include their age, sexual orientation, college year, smoking habits, and whether they like to party or not.



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