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Finding Southern US Professional Roommates

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Where can I find professional roommates in the southern United States?

Finding Southern US Professional Roommates

When you are working, interning or taking graduate classes, you can save money by finding roommates to help share living expenses. You can use the internet to find these roommates, or you can use more traditional methods. To start with, if you use the internet, you can search on websites like, which offers tools to help you find and get in contact with people who meet specific requirements. Another website is, although its listings of roommates are more geared toward college students and people who want to live on or near university or college campuses. In the southern United States, these online services can be invaluable for finding a roommate, even though they charge a fee to do so. If, however, you do not want to spend any money on your search for a roommate, try looking at the online classified website Here you will find many people who are both looking for roommates and looking to become roommates. If all else fails, and you still cannot find professional roommates, try going down to your local library, college, university or coffee shop. If these places have bulletin boards, you will likely find ads that have been posted by people who are seeking roommates. If you call one of the numbers on the ad, be sure to be careful when you go to meet them and take all appropriate cautions.



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