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Los Angeles Roommates

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Where can I find Los Angeles roommates?

Los Angeles Roommates

When searching for Los Angeles roommates, try a variety of different methods to get the best results. First, start with an online search, using websites that have been created specifically for the task of finding roommates. These sites, including and, have tools imbedded in them for finding roommates, and you can quickly see what people are available in Los Angeles who want to become roommates. Other online options are online classified ads, such as those that are offered through Craigslist has a large number of ads for Los Angeles roommates, and you will be able to both view and post ads free of charge. When you have finished searching online, try offline methods to aid you in your search. If you go into local supermarkets, coffee shops and colleges or universities, you are likely to find bulletin boards with ads posted on them by members of the community. Generally, you will find at least one or two ads here that will be from people who either want to become roommates, or are looking for roommates themselves. You can easily post ads of your own if you wish, if you do not find someone who meets your criteria from the already posted ads.



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