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Looking For Atlanta Roommates Tips

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How do I choose the right roommate in Atlanta?

Choose the Right Roommate in Atlanta, GA

Looking for Atlanta roommates?
In a big place like Atlanta, finding the perfect roommate isn't easy. When you are searching for a roommate, or someone to share your apartment, be clear on your “deal-breakers” like; smoker vs. non-smoker, pet-owner, male/female, etc. Also, make sure you and your roommates are on similar schedules to avoid conflict. These deal-breakers help to simplify your roommate search, and refine your choices because they are non-negotiable. You also want to make sure you're your roommate is reliable and trustworthy. Several roommate services offer background and credit checks to make sure that your new roommate is someone you can count on when rent is due.

Where are some good places to live in Atlanta?

Places to Live in Atlanta

Make sure that you and your roommates in Atlanta are in agreement about the type of neighborhood that best suits your lifestyles. Atlanta is a wonderful city with many neighborhoods to choose from. Fortunately, most roommate finder services allow you to conduct a roommate search by neighborhood. One of the newest areas of residential growth is Downtown Atlanta. Many of the office buildings are being converted into lofts, galleries, and shops. If you are looking for restaurants and nightlife, check out neighborhoods like Buckhead and Virginia Highlands. For a general overview of each neighborhood along with maps, please check out: Luckily, Atlanta is fairly condensed and accessible by car or public transportation. If you, or your roommates, are planning to use public transportation, MARTA maps are available at:

What are some attractions in Atlanta?

Atlanta Attractions

Atlanta is a city with a proud history, beautiful geography, and strong business growth. Whether you are searching for an Atlanta roommate, or looking for an apartment to share in Atlanta, matching up gets easier as more and more people choose Atlanta as their home. Some of the more prominent attractions include; the Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta History Center, Georgia Tech, and Emory University.

Where can I find roommates in Atlanta?

Take Advantage of the Southern Style of Atlanta Nightlife

Atlanta has a huge selection of restaurants and bars to choose from, along with a major music scene. If you and your roommates like to explore the nightlife, there are plenty of options. You can get started with a fairly long list at: To avoid drinking and driving, try to live in an area that is accessible by public transportation. Otherwise, set up a designated driver program with your roommates.

Where are some good places to eat in Atlanta?

Experience Fantastic Southern Food in Atlanta

You can have a great time in Atlanta with Southern Dining, Atlanta has a wide selection of restaurants for fine dining. You and your roommates should organize regular “roommate dinners” to give you time to catch up outside the apartment. Aria and Wing Factory in Buckhead are a couple of restaurants for you and your roommates to sample. For a good dining guide, please visit:

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