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Southern US Roomates Tips

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Where should I look for Austin roommates

Find Austin Roommates

Located in Central Texas along the Colorado River, Austin, Texas, is known as the playground of Texas. Austin, Texas is the state capital and also hosts the University of Texas. The city has a large population, with many citizens involved in creative pursuits, especially those that are musical and artistic in nature.

University areas are always good places to find roommates. Check to see if the university has a newspaper. If so, you may be able to place an ad for Austin roommates the classified section. Otherwise, post an ad on the community bulletin board in the school's student center.

Where should I look for college roommates?

Find College Roommates

The South is home to hundreds of colleges and universities. Students are often in need of roommates to share expenses. Post your advertisements for college roommates on nearby campuses. Also, inquire about placing ads in campus newspapers.

Are rents lower in the South?

North vs. South

Many individuals flock to the South in the hopes of finding lower rents. The Northern states have a reputation for having higher rents than in the South, as well as a higher cost of living.

Keep in mind that it is possible to find affordable rents in just about any state in the country. The key is to do your research and dig to find reasonably priced gems among their more costly counterparts. You may, however, find lower rents in certain parts of the South. By doing your research, you could end up sharing a luxury apartment with a roommate in the South, for a rent that could only secure a studio apartment in the North.

Should I look for a roommate at work?

Live in the Eighth Largest City

Dallas, Texas, is impressively large in size, ranking as the eighth largest city in the country. Dallas is known for its high concentration of high-tech companies and corporate headquarters. It also has an of abundance wholesale trade markets.

If you work in a large company, you may be able to conduct your search for Dallas roommates at work. Place a flyer or two stating your desire for Dallas roommates on your company bulletin board. Get permission from those in charge first, and make sure you don't include any information that may be too personal - remember, you are posting this at work!

Can a travel guide help me choose a place to live?

Diverse Land

The southern portion of the United States is diverse, both in terms of areas in which to live and people. If you're planning a move, you may feel overwhelmed by the unbelievable number of options.

Travel guides are geared towards those looking to visit new areas, not relocate. However, perusing travel guides can provide valuable information to those planning to relocate, filling them in on such things as local entertainment, cultural resources, places of interest, and the local flavor. Pick one up and use it in your search for a new place to live. Then go on with your search for a roommate.

Where can I find professional roommates in the southern United States?

Finding Southern US Professional Roommates

When you are working, interning or taking graduate classes, you can save money by finding roommates to help share living expenses. You can use the internet to find these roommates, or you can use more traditional methods. To start with, if you use the internet, you can search on websites like, which offers tools to help you find and get in contact with people who meet specific requirements. Another website is, although its listings of roommates are more geared toward college students and people who want to live on or near university or college campuses. In the southern United States, these online services can be invaluable for finding a roommate, even though they charge a fee to do so. If, however, you do not want to spend any money on your search for a roommate, try looking at the online classified website Here you will find many people who are both looking for roommates and looking to become roommates. If all else fails, and you still cannot find professional roommates, try going down to your local library, college, university or coffee shop. If these places have bulletin boards, you will likely find ads that have been posted by people who are seeking roommates. If you call one of the numbers on the ad, be sure to be careful when you go to meet them and take all appropriate cautions.

How can I find a college roommate in the southern United States?

Finding Southern US College Roommates

If you are looking for a college roommate in the southern United States, there are many ways to go about finding the right one. Online roommate services like offer extensive search options that can help you locate and contact roommates that meet your specific requirements. Websites like provide listings specifically for college students or people who want to live near a college or university. Online roommate services such as these charge a small fee, but they can be well worth the cost if you are living in a large city like Houston or Phoenix and want to narrow your search results. If you prefer not to spend any money in your search, looking on or other online classifieds can be helpful in finding a place to live or roommates to share your space with. After selecting a state and city on Craigslist, look under the “Housing” section. Offline sources such as local classifieds and bulletin boards are another good place to look for roommates. Colleges and universities are often littered with flyers of people looking for roommates or offering a room to rent. When you are considering a college roommate, be sure to ask detailed questions to make sure they are the type of person you want to share a room or apartment with. Some of these questions may include their age, sexual orientation, college year, smoking habits, and whether they like to party or not.

How can I find southern roommates offline?

Finding Southern Roommates Offline

Using conventional, offline methods of finding a southern roommate can be the best way to find a roommate local to your area, college, university or community. If you are looking for a place to live or a roommate to share your living space with, consider posting an ad in your local classifieds. You can also search the local classifieds for “Roommates Wanted” or available housing in the Real Estate section. Printing flyers to hang at your local college, university, church or community center can also be an effective way of finding a roommate. When you post ads or flyers, be sure to include detailed information about who you are and what kind of roommate/housing you are looking for. This will help narrow the responses you receive and attract people who match your preferences. In addition to using classifieds and bulletin boards, consider asking around in your community to see if anyone knows of someone looking for a roommate. Word of mouth can be a good way to find the roommate you are looking for, especially within a college, university, church or small community.

How do I find a southern roommate online?

Finding Southern Roommates Online

Finding southern roommates online can be a remarkably easy task when the right resources are utilized. If you are looking for a place to live or someone to rent one of your rooms, the best place to start is searching an online classified ad service like These services are free, fast, and easy to use. On Craigslist, simply select your southern state, choose the appropriate city, and then click on the “Housing” section. Many local newspapers also offer online classifieds. Posting a classified ad is a good way to attract potential roommates without the hassle of searching through listings. If you post an ad online, be sure to include details about yourself and what you are looking for. These could include qualifications such as “I'm looking for a non-smoker roommate” or “I would like a private room, although a shared bathroom is okay.” Another place to look for roommates online is through services like, which offer detailed search options that help narrow down possible roommates to those who suit your preferences. These services generally charge a small fee for contacting roommates but are free if you simply want to search to see what is available. To find more websites like, conduct a search on your favorite search engine for “roommate services” or “find a roommate.”

How can I find a roommate in Texas?

Finding Roommates in Texas

Whether you are a college student or simply someone who is looking to save money on living costs, finding a roommate can be a great way to split rent and responsibilities. If you live in a large state like Texas, looking for the right roommate may seem overwhelming. There are methods, however, to simplify your search and find people who match your roommate preferences. The best way to begin is by writing up a list of what you are looking for in places to live or in a roommate. If you are looking to move in with someone, consider whether you want your own room and bathroom, or whether you are willing to share. Decide on the range of rent you are willing to pay and what kind of neighborhood you want to live in. If you already have a place to live and want to rent out a room to someone, consider your preferences on aspects like smoking, sexual orientation, and cleanliness habits. Think about whether you would like to live with a partier or a quieter person, and whether you would prefer a student or professional. Once you have made a list, start your search using online services or classified ads., an online classified ad service, provides many listings for roommates based in specific cities. If you would like to live in or around a large city, searching the “Housing” section of any city in Texas on Craigslist can yield many results. Looking in local paper classifieds and on college, university, or community bulletin boards can also be helpful in finding roommates. When using these methods of searching, be sure to compare potential rooms or roommates to your list of preferences.

How can I find the right roommate in large cities like Phoenix, Arizona?

Finding Roommates in Phoenix

Finding a roommate in large cities like Phoenix, Arizona can be easy. Searching online or in classifieds can bring up hundreds of roommate results in the area. Finding the right match, however, can be a different story. Everyone has preferences as to what kind of person they would like to live with. This is why conducting a detailed search on websites like can be helpful in finding the ideal roommate. These websites offer search options that include everything from location to age to sexual orientation. You can choose whether to search for smokers or non-smokers.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to find a Phoenix roommate, try looking in the local classifieds for “Roommates Wanted” ads under Real Estate. Online classifieds like also provide a free avenue to find local roommates in large cities. Additionally, colleges, universities, and community centers often have bulletin boards that can be helpful in locating a roommate. Looking for a perfect match may take longer through these methods than using an online roommate service, but the results can be just as effective in the long run. Just make sure to examine the details closely of the person and place you are considering.

How can I find a roommate in Houston, Texas?

Finding Roommates in Houston

Finding roommates within your desired location does not have to be a hassle. In fact, locating a roommate in large cities such as Houston, Texas, can be an easy task. There are several ways you can search for the right roommate in your area. Using any general online search engine can yield roommate results, but it is better to utilize a website service specifically designed for locating roommates. Websites like offer free membership and services designed to help you locate the ideal match for your preferences. These websites offer search options that range from roommate age to sexual orientation. To find Houston roommates, simply enter the city and state (i.e. Houston, Texas) in the appropriate search field.

You can also find roommates in Houston by looking in the local classifieds or on community bulletin boards. Posting ads in these locations can save you time by allowing others looking for a roommate to contact you., a popular online classified service, can also be a great place to find roommates or places to live. Searching or posting in the “Housing” section on Craigslist within the Houston, Texas classifieds is one of the easiest and quickest ways to find a roommate in the area. Regardless of where you search for a room or a roommate, make sure to look closely at the details of the place and person to ensure you know what you are getting into before committing.

Where can I find a roommate in Dallas, Texas?

Finding Roommates in Dallas

If you have a room, apartment, condo, or house, getting a roommate is a great way to cut your rent and living costs, as well as to share responsibilities like cleaning or grocery shopping. If you are looking for a place to live, moving in with someone can be a quick, easy, and money-efficient option. Finding a roommate local to your school or job can be a simple process, and there are many ways to find the ideal match. For example, if you are looking for roommates in Dallas, Texas, using your favorite online search engine or websites like can yield many possibilities.

Online services such as provide a variety of searching options to ensure an ideal match, including everything from roommate location to sexual orientation. Using a more conventional method to search for Dallas roommates can also yield many results in finding a local roommate. Searching community classifieds and bulletin boards are popular ways to find roommates within a specific location. Look for “Roommates Wanted” ads in the Real Estate section of online or paper classifieds. Bulletin boards at colleges, universities, and community centers often display ads of people looking for roommates. Posting an ad in classifieds or bulletin boards can also be a helpful method of finding a roommate.

How can I find a roommate in Austin, Texas?

Finding Roommates in Austin

Whether you are looking for a place to stay or already have one, getting a roommate can be a great way to save money and split responsibilities. If you are looking for a roommate in Austin, Texas, there are several ways to go about searching for the right match. Online searches can yield many results, and websites like offer many options for finding the ideal roommate. To find a roommate in a specific area, simply type the city and state in the appropriate field (e.g., “Austin, Texas”).

Finding Austin roommates can also be accomplished by looking in local classifieds under the section entitled Real Estate. Posting an ad in this section with the title “Roommate Wanted” can also be helpful. In addition to using online searches and classifieds, asking around in your community or looking for flyers posted at universities, colleges, or community centers can be a good way to find a roommate in your area. Putting up flyers of your own may attract some roommate leads as well. Regardless of where you look for a roommate, be sure to include specifics in your ads and examine the details carefully in ads that others have posted.


Find Austin Roommates Tip: If you belong to Facebook, MySpace, or another online community, get the message out to your friends that your looking for Austin roommates. Its quick, its easy, and you may get the background information of potential roommates before you even meet them.


Live Well in Phoenix Tip: Step a little bit outside your comfort zone. You may have a roommate type, but consider meeting with men, women, students and professionals alike. The more people you meet, the better your chances of meeting the right Phoenix roommates.


Charm and Diversity in Houston Tip: If you are looking for a few Houston roommates with whom to share expenses, think about targeting those new to the Houston area by posting an ad on job boards or roommate finder boards, which are likely to be combed by potential Houston residents.


Dallas Sports Lovers Tip: Break the ice with your new Dallas roommates by taking in a game or two. You may forge new friendships while you cheer your teams on!

How can I attract roommates?

Attract Roommates

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When seeking a roommate, do as a roommate seeker wouold do. If you're looking to attract roommates, think like someone looking to relocate or find a new roommate. Play up your city's virtues in your ads or profiles - give people a reason to want to relocate and live with you. Living close to businesses and shopping centers can be a real plus for those looking to move. Be sure to mention any location advantages - like public transportation or frequently visited hot-spots, and living space details in your postings.

How can I live well in Phoenix?

Live Well in Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and features countless neighborhoods and suburbs. The Phoenix area is home to a variety of large shopping centers, high-rise buildings, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The area's homes often feature a western look, while Spanish Colonial and Native American styles are evident as well.

Homes in the Phoenix area can range from lows around $100,000's to more than $10 million each. Prices like these can mean high mortgages. To keep expenses down, search online for Phoenix roommates.

How can I help my new roommate to prepare for an emergency?

Share Emergency Plans

Parts of the South are frequently affected by hurricanes, especially those states that border the Gulf of Mexico. Some areas see infrequent hurricane activity and suffer very little damage, while those that are closer to the coast may deal with damage on a much larger scale.

Prospective roommates may have lots of questions about the potential for hurricane damage. Share your evacuation plan with your roommate. Also, discuss such things as obtaining insurance and even saving money for use in the event of an emergency.

Whom should I target when looking for roommates?

Charm and Diversity in Houston

Houston, Texas, is said to blend old-fashioned southern hospitality with Old West Charm. Add to that blend more than 2 million people from around the world and you have a city that is both large and extremely diverse. With two major airports and a strong economy, Houston attracts many new residents each year.

In your quest for a Houston roommate, include information of interest to new residents in any ads you place or roommate profiles you submit online. An ad with even a couple of interesting local facts is likely to garner far more interest than a very basic and generic ad.

How can I break the ice with my new Roommates?

Dallas Sports Lovers

For those into sports, Dallas, Texas has plenty of sporting events. All you have to do is look for the large sphere that is easily apparent against the Dallas skyline. The sphere is a place called Reunion Tower, known for offering panoramic views of the city. There's also Reunion Arena, home to the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and the Dallas Sidekicks. The Texas Stadium hosts games for the Dallas Cowboys, just 10 miles away from Dallas.

How can I bond with my roommate?

Bonding with Your Roommate

The southern portion of the United States has a very distinct and rich heritage. There are custom and styles that are uniquely southern, as well as pastimes and food.

Have a favorite restaurant or nightclub? Enjoy a sport of a hobby? Share some of your favorites with your new roommate. Fun and bonding can go hand in hand. And, you just might learn something new about your roommate.

Should I tell my new roommate that I want a business-only relationship ?

Southern Exposure

Life experiences can differ widely according to such things as age, gender, profession, and even location. Individuals living in northern locations may feel a bit like fish out of water in Southern states.

Indicate, in advance, your level of willingness to help your roommate gain familiarity with your city or town. If you'd like a strictly business relationship with little or no socializing, let potential roommates know. If you're hoping to gain a friend as well as a roommate, be clear about that as well. Starting out with honesty and full disclosure of your wishes is one of the best ways to ensure a satisfactory roommate situation.

How can I find a New Orleans roommate?

The Big Easy

New Orleans attracts visitors from around the globe. It boasts a special southern hospitality as well as a rich history. The Mardi Gras celebration, though a bit smaller in the wake of recent hurricanes, is still a draw for those who love the city.

If you love New Orleans and have a desire to be more than a visitor, you'll need both a place to live and a roommate. Check out an online roommate finder to find both. With an online roommate finder, you can post information about yourself and what you're seeking, and trust the online roommate finder to do a background check or profile matching for your needs.

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