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Find A Dallas Roommate Tips

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Tell me about Dallas, TX

DFW: Bigger and Better!

Dallas and Fort Worth are the commercial and cultural centers for the Southwest. As a result, you and your roommates will find plenty of things to do in Dallas. Bigger attractions include the State Fair, the JFK Memorial, and the world famous Dallas Cowboys. For a detailed list of events, please visit:

Is it hard to find a good roommate in Dallas?

Find the Perfect Dallas Roommate

Find a Dallas roommate:
Dallas offers a wide selection when you are searching for a roommate. Simplify your roommate search by clarifying your basic roommate requirements. Some examples include; smoker or non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Before you sign a lease with a new roommate it is very important to find out some information about this person's background. Luckily, many roommate locator services provide credit and background checks, so you can find out if your new roommate is trustworthy.

Where can I find roommates in Dallas?

Kick Up Your Heels in Dallas!

Dallas Nightlife: Dallas is an amazing city for you and your roommates to get out on the town. Lower Greenville and Deep Ellum are two areas to begin exploring. Dallas also has a very good music and art scene, so you can keep up with the latest and greatest artists. For a detailed list of Dallas nightlife for you and your roommates to bookmark, please check out:

Where can I find roommates in Dallas?

Living in Dallas

Dallas offers one hundred and sixty different neighborhoods to choose from. If you and your Dallas roommates are not familiar with the different neighborhoods, you can do some research online. For a short description about many of these neighborhoods, please visit: After doing some online research, you and your roommates should visit the prospective neighborhoods during the day and evening. You all should experience the culture, stores, and people to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Once you've found the right neighborhood, your search can be simplified as most roommate and apartment locator services allow you to conduct a search by neighborhood.

Are there good restaurants in Dallas?

Great Ribs and Seafood

Dallas Roommate tips: Go out to eat! You and your roommates will love the dining scene in Dallas. Deep Ellum is a great neighborhood to start with because of the general density of options within a few blocks of each other. Dallas is full of great selections for seafood, barbeque, American, or international dining. Check out Peggy Sue and Red Hot and Blue for a taste of the Dallas BBQ. For a detailed breakdown, check out:

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