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East Coast Roommates Tips

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What are the Best Places on the East Coast for Singles?

The Love Connection

When it comes to relocating to a new area, the availability of entertainment is often high on the list of requirements. Singles want to know that there will be plenty of places to hang out and have fun. Many also hope to meet their matches or at least find others with whom to spend romantic moments.

On the East Coast, the Boston, Raleigh-Durham, and Washington-Baltimore areas rank high on lists of the best places to live for singles. Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Miami are also considered favorable.

What should I write about Miami in my roommate ad?

Life's a Beach in Miami

Most people envision beach scenes when they think about Miami, Florida. This comes as absolutely no surprise, as Miami has shoreline that stretches for miles. However, Miami has so much more to offer your future roommate. Florida residents can attest to that.

If you live close to the beach, be sure to include that in any ads you place for Miami roommates. Don't forget to list other attractions as well. Miami is full of them, from the Miami MetroZoo to the Everglades Alligator Farm.

Should I meet with potential roommates in my home?

Safety First

Located in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is just 20 minutes to the north of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. The city is home to many business and government organizations, as well as restaurants, stores, and schools. Pittsburgh is also known for its diverse entertainment opportunities. When compared to many other cities, Pittsburgh boasts a lower cost of living as well.

Once you're finished with the preliminary stages of your search for Pittsburgh roommates, it's a good idea to meet with the finalists on your list. For your own safety, invite candidates to meet with you in a public place for the first time.

Where can I find a New York roommate?

Finding a New York Roommate

Finding a New York roommate is fairly easy. Selecting a roommate is the difficult part of the process. Newspapers, online resources and message boards are just a few of the options for finding a roommate in New York City.

The newspapers in New York are valuable resources for those seeking roommates in New York City. You can either purchase a newspaper for an area in which you are seeking a roommate and scan the classifieds or you can utilize the online versions to create searches with meet criteria such as maximum rent, location, number of bedrooms and characteristics of roommate.

There are also many online resources which can be useful for finding New York roommates. The Craigslist website is just one of these online sources. Craigslist is essentially an online classifieds section which had websites dedicated to a number of different cities. Selecting the rooms/shared option under the housing category will lead users to others seeking roommates or living situations.

Message boards can also help New Yorkers find roommates. Message boards for local colleges may be useful for this purpose. If you wish to leave near a specific college visiting a message board for that college may put you in contact with a potential roommate.

Can I find a short term lease in Philadelphia?

Short Term Leases for Philadelphia Roommates

The large concentration of colleges in Philadelphia make it possible to find short term leases in this city. The city of Philadelphia is referred to as One Big Campus by some because of the number of colleges in this city. Some of these colleges include Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Temple and the University of Pennsylvania.

Cities with a number of colleges are often know for offering unique terms for rental agreements. This is because most colleges operate between August of one year until May of the following year with a brief hiatus over the summer months. As a result many students are often seeking nine or 10 month leases as opposed to full year leases. There may also be students taking summer classes who are seeking leases for just the summer months. For this reason Philadelphia roommates often need to either find one of these short term leases or have the option to sublet the apartment during the summer months.

What are some of the unique challenges Orlando roommates face?

Unique Traffic Challenges for Orlando Roommates

Living in a popular vacation destination can create challenges for Orlando roommates. There are many who consider Orlando to be the vacation capital of the world. With attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and Islands Of Adventure this city attracts countless visitors annually. Although the vacation consumerism is excellent for the economy of the city it can create numerous problems such as traffic and overcrowding for residents.

Orlando roommates face periods of peak tourism which draw large crowds to the city. The many theme parks in the area attract tourists year round but during peak periods traffic can become a huge burden. Roommates who rely on main roads may want to consider carpooling and utilizing alternate routes during these times.

How many neighborhoods are there in New York City?

Hundreds of Neighborhoods for New York Roommates

New York roommates who opt to live in the city have literally hundreds of neighborhoods from which to choose. This is because New York is a city which consists of five boroughs and hundreds of neighborhoods. This complexity can make selecting a neighborhood in New York and overwhelming task. For this reason the Department of City Planning issued a revised wall map displaying these neighborhood boundaries in 2006.

An interactive version of this wall map is available on the New York City Department of Planning website. Visitors can select a neighborhood and view a detailed view of this area. This provides the user with more information about the location of the neighborhood. However, to gain and understanding of the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood it is important to visit the neighborhood and speak with residents.

Where can I enjoy the Miami nightlife with my Miami roommates?

Enjoying the Nightlife with your Miami Roommates

Miami has a number of options for roommates who are looking to enjoy the nightlife. This city is notorious for its after hours fun and many of the neighborhoods have a variety of late night options for residents. You may chose to enjoy the nightlife in the neighborhood in which you reside or to travel to nearby neighborhoods. Some of the neighborhoods with excellent nightlife options include Downtown, Miami Beach and South Beach.

The Downtown area of Miami features many attractions for those who enjoy nightlife. Revelers can enjoy cocktails and dancing at hotspots such as Bahia Bar, M-Bar, Venitia Lounge and Sixty-Six Mia.

The Miami Beach neighborhood is packed with nightlife options. More than 20 bars line the streets of this lively neighborhood. There are bars which specialize in cocktails, music and dancing. There are also a number of nightspots with an ethnic flair.

The South Beach neighborhood also offers a number of nightlife options. Dance clubs are particularly popular in this neighborhood. Clubs such as Cameo and Mansion are just a few of the exciting late night options for residents and tourists alike.

How can I find a Boston neighborhood that appeals to all of my roommates?

Agreeing on a Neighborhood with Your Boston Roommates

The City of Boston website is an excellent resource for finding more information on Boston's distinct neighborhoods. This website is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information on the 21 neighborhoods which comprise Boston. This website contains brief summaries for each neighborhood. There is also a more detailed page for each neighborhood with information such as location of fire stations, police stations, public schools, libraries, community centers and neighborhood coordinators.

The City of Boston website can be used to help Boston roommates narrow down there search but visiting the neighborhoods is also recommended. Try to visit each neighborhood you and your roommates are considering before you begin apartment hunting to help minimize the number of options. This will make the decision making process much less complex.

Which neighborhood in Baltimore should my roommate and I choose?

Baltimore Roommates Explore Neighborhood Options

Baltimore roommates who wish to relocate within the city have a variety of options available to them. Without leaving the city, these roommates may find relocating to a different neighborhoods makes a significant difference in the living atmosphere. There are over 200 neighborhoods in Baltimore and selecting one can seem overwhelming. We will highlight just a few of these diverse Baltimore neighborhoods.

The Federal Hill neighborhood offers a bevy of advantages in terms of location. This neighborhood is located within walking distance of most downtown businesses, Camden Yards, Ravens football stadium, the MARC rail line to Washington and a Light Rail station. This neighborhood also overlooks Inner Harbor. With this neighborhood, location is the key factor and makes it ideal for Baltimore roommates seeking convenience.

The Seton Hill neighborhood in Baltimore offers a great deal to those seeking religious ties. This neighborhood, which was designated as a Historic and Architectural Preservation District in 1968, features the Mother Seton House, Old Saint Mary's Chapel, Orchard Street Church and St. Mary's Park.

Baltimore roommates investigating the Butcher Hill neighborhood may want to wait until the second Sunday in October to tour this neighborhood. This day features the neighborhood's annual housing tour which can provide roommate a great deal of insight into this eclectic neighborhood featuring grand residences, dense rowhouses, and a few individual homes. This neighborhood is also home to a number of artists who have called upon their creativity in the restoration of their homes creating an interesting environment.

Are there any historical neighborhoods in Atlanta?

Atlanta Roommates Enjoy a Rich History

The neighborhoods in Atlanta are both distinctive and diverse. Atlanta roommates enjoy an array of neighborhoods that are rich with history. Some of the neighborhoods in Atlanta which have been granted historical status include Ansley Park, Candler Park and the West End neighborhood.

The Ansley Park neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is a planned residential community which has resisted the lure of industrialization. Despite being surrounded by towering skyscrapers, Ansley Park remains an excellent option for Atlanta roommates seeking an architecturally diverse living environment.

The neighborhood of Candler Park was originally used as a camp for Union soldiers during the Civil War. This neighborhood was one of the first to embrace racial integration and today is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Atlanta. Candler Park is ideal for Atlanta roommates who enjoy historical significance and cultural diversity.

The West End neighborhood in Atlanta was designated a national historic district in the year 2000. It is undergoing a residential and commercial restoration and is hoping to attract residents who embrace the neighborhood's goals of cultural diversity. Atlanta roommates should understand the potential for growth in this neighborhood and be willing to endure the revitalization process in an effort to create a superior living environment.


Varied Housing Types Tip: Roommates don't come with resumes, but you can ask about their history. Ask potential Atlanta roommates how many roommates they've had in the past. A new roommate every semester of college might be a sign that they are hard to get along with.


Costly Living Tip: It's important to make sure you'll be able to meet all your bills and still have money left for saving for a rainy day and having fun. As you answer roommate-wanted ads, ask potential roommates for details about the cost of living in their East Coast towns and cities. There are also handy cost of living calculators available on the Internet. Keep in mind, however, that you won't have to shoulder all costs alone, since you'll be living with a roommate.


Philadelphia's South Street Tip: Instead of posting your street address and advertising availability blindy to potential roommates, use a roommate finder service to find your Philadelphia roommates. A roommate finder service will search, screen, and set up interviews between potential roommates.


The Love Connection Tip: When you make your entertainment budget, don't forget about the little things. Coffee lover? Without realizing it, you may be spending over $300 per month on espresso if you frequent gourmet shops. On the phone a lot? Those text message and ring tone charges can add up. Have a clear view of your finances, and expect the same from your Washington roommates.


Safety First Tip: When you meet potential Pittsburgh Roommates for the first time, bring your friends along. Not only will this ensure your safety, but you'll also get an indication of whether or not the person can get along with the future guests in your home.


Life's a Beach in Miami Tip: Miami is home to sun, surf, sports and schools. There are a wide variety of living options in Miami, too. From sharing a home to sharing an apartment in a high-rise building, choosing your Miami roommate

Bright Lights Big City Tip: The big city! Many young professionals flock to New York City after graduation to start the next chapter of their lives. Keep in mind that potential New York roommates may not have family or friends nearby. If you are a person that needs alone time, you may want to look for someone with someone with an established social life.


Disney World Living Tip: If the first thing people think of when they hear Orlando is Disney World, the second is the heat! If you have access to a swimming pool, be sure to include this in your ad. This will attract Orlando roommates, especially ones that are from other parts of the country.


Diversity in Boston Neighborhoods Tip: When on the hunt for Boston roommates, communicate about commuting. Parking is limited and public transportation is plentiful. Will you need a place with a parking space? Is the T nearby? These are important factors to know.


The Work/ Home Connection Tip: When looking for Baltimore roommates, be as straight forward as possible in your ad. Mention that you have a dog or that your significant other is a frequent visitor. Disclose habits that others might find distracting, such as your band coming over to practice three times per week. Honesty may avoid conflict later.

Does Philadelphia have good places to advertise for roommates?

Philadelphia's South Street

Philadelphia has a famous section referred to as South Street. It spans several city blocks, beginning at the intersection of Front and South Streets. Though South Street extends for quite a distance, the eclectic shops, entertainment, and eateries generally dissipate after Ninth Street or so.

Some shops or eateries in the South Street area have community bulletin boards or posting centers that are perfect for advertising for Philadelphia roommates. For more targeted results, be sure to list the area in which you live. For your own safety, avoid posting your street address.

How can I find a New York roommate?

Bright Lights Big City

If bright lights and big city excite you, New York City just may be the place for you. If you're thinking about moving there, be sure to consider finding a roommate. Rents in New York City are notoriously high and you may have difficulty going it alone, especially if you're striking out on your own for the first time.

Consider the costs of utilities when looking for a roommate situation. East Coast rentals are frequently bare, meaning you may have to pay for such things as electricity, heat, and hot water. Some home rentals require the tenant to pay for cold water, sewage, and snow removal as well. Ask potential roommates about these costs.

How can I attract Orlando roommates?

Disney World Living

Most people think of Disney World when they think about Orlando, Florida. However, Orlando has many desirable qualities, not just for tourists, but also for residents. With its high-tech businesses, major attractions, major employers, and a temperate climate, Orlando can make the perfect place to call home for many people.

As you search for Orlando roommates, consider what you would want to know if you were new to the area. Include interesting tidbits of information in the ads you place for Orlando roommates. Also, look around your home. Pick out its most attractive features and include them in your ad as well.

Should I tell potential roommates about my neighborhood?

Diversity in Boston Neighborhoods

Blessed with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, Boston, Massachusetts is located in Suffolk County. Boston is known for its diverse neighborhoods and is home to more than 600,000 people. With numbers like these, there's plenty to do and see. The diversity in Boson makes it possible to learn and experience things from many different cultures.

Every neighborhood has something special about which its residents can brag. Whether your neighborhood has a wonderful park, a close-knit community feel, a great theater, or a fabulous restaurant, it makes sense to let potential Boston roommates know about it. Knowing about area attractions can make becoming your roommate seem even more advantageous.

Where can I look for information about the cost of living on the East Coast?

Keeping Living Costs Low

The East Coast is considered to have a high cost of living, especially in major cities, like New York and Philadelphia. However, many cities that rank high in terms of cost of living also have higher average pay rates. As such, moving to a city with a higher cost of living AND higher salaries may actually balance things out. Sites like provide information about cost of living rankings for cities throughout the United States.

There are many areas on the East Coast that aren't as pricey. For example, the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina is experiencing an economic revival, yet still offers rents that are favorable. Such areas can be even more affordable with a roommate to help foot the bill.

How can I determine the affordability of living on the East Coast?

Costly Living

The cost of living is an important consideration for those hoping to relocate. Before you decide to move, you'll need to determine the affordability of such a venture.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much is the average rent in the proposed area?

  • What are the average pay rates in my field?

  • What are average commuting costs like?

  • Will I have to pay utilities?

  • Will I be able to save and also have money to enjoy my surrounding?

It's important to make sure you'll be able to meet all your bills and still have money left for saving for a rainy day and having fun. As you answer roommate-wanted ads, ask potential roommates for details about the cost of living in their East Coast towns and cities. There are also handy cost of living calculators available on the Internet. Keep in mind, however, that you won't have to shoulder all costs alone, since you'll be living with a roommate.

What should I include in my roommate ad?

The Work/ Home Connection

As the 12th largest city in the United States, Baltimore ranks fifth in terms of United States ports. The city also boasts major railways, factories, trucking lines, and businesses in a variety of industries.

Searching for Baltimore roommates may be easier if you live near major companies or in an area close to a business district. Many people enjoy living close to their places of employment. If you live in such a location, be sure to include that information in your ad for Baltimore roommates. You'll probably get more responses.

What kind of housing is available in Atlanta?

Varied Housing Types

Atlanta boasts a mild climate, with four seasons and beautiful surroundings. The city is nicknamed the Dogwood City because of its incredible blossoming trees. Atlanta ranks high on lists of the top housing markets in the country.

There are a wide variety of housing types from which to choose in Atlanta. You'll find everything from subdivisions and apartments to old homes and condominiums. If you find a beautifully area in which you'd love to live, but can't afford the rent, look for roommates. With two or three Atlanta roommates, you might just be able to afford that sprawling home or luxury apartment you've always wanted.

What should I tell potential roommates about hurricanes?

Dealing with Mother Nature

If you live in the southern portion of the East Coast, you may have to spend some time educating potential roommates from other areas about hurricanes. They may have been exposed to frightening hurricane stories in news reports. Put their minds at ease by sharing your plans for dealing with problem weather, as well as details of emergency plans put in place by local officials. Remind them also, that living in your area doesn't necessarily mean they will experience hurricanes.

Where can I find a roommate in Pittsburgh?

Searching for Pittsburgh Roommates Online

The website for the Pittsburgh City Paper is an excellent resource for those seeking Pittsburgh roommates. The classified section of this website has a section for rental. Although the majority of subcategories in this section are for housing rentals there is one section specifically for those who are seeking roommates in Pittsburgh.

After navigating to the roommates section of the classifieds, users can use different search criteria to narrow down the number of search results. Some of the criteria which can be used include a minimum and maximum rent, number of bedrooms and whether or not pets are permitted. Users can also enter specific keywords to help create a refined search.

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