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Finding Houston Roommates Tips

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Where can I find roommates in Houston?

Houston Living

Houston offers a wide variety of neighborhoods and options for living. You and your Houston roommates should spend the time necessary to evaluate all of the housing options before moving in. If you are not familiar with the different neighborhoods, you should do some research. A great online resource describing each neighborhood in Houston can be found at: Next, you and your roommates should visit the prospective neighborhoods during the day and evening, and make sure that everyone is comfortable. It's also a good idea to drive the commute during rush-hour to determine how long you'll be spending on your daily trip to and from the office. Once you've selected the perfect neighborhood, narrow your search for additional roommates and apartments. Many roommate and apartment locator services allow you to search by neighborhood.

Where do I begin to find my Houston Roommate?

Finding the Perfect Houston Roommate

Need help finding Houston roommates? Houston is one of the largest cities in the US, so your roommate search can be challenging. You can simplify your Houston roommate search by developing a list of basic roommate requirements, or “deal-breakers”. For example; smoker vs. non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Also, you'll want to find out some information about your roommate's background before signing a lease. Many roommate search services offer credit and background checks to make sure your new roommate is reliable.

Where can I find roommates in Houston?

Nightlife in Houston, TX

Houston has a great music scene and a large selection of bars, restaurants, and clubs for you and your roommates to choose from. Some of Houston's most popular bars and clubs include; Mercury Room, Hush Club, and the Gatsby. For a detailed list of nightlife, please visit:

What is there to do in Houston?

Attractions and Events in Houston

Houston offers a wide selection of annual events for you and your roommates including; festivals, rodeos, and the Houston Marathon. Some of the larger Houston attractions include; Kemah Boardwalk, Houston Zoo, the Downtown Aquarium, and the Space Center. For a detailed list of annual events and attractions, you and your roommates should visit:

Is there a hopping restaurant scene in Houston, TX?

Food in Houston

Houston is a great city to explore all types of restaurants and fine dinging. You and your roommates will have plenty of restaurants and styles of food to choose from. Some of the new places to check out are Strip House and Breakfast Klub. The District 7 Grill is another great spot to plan a roommate dinner. For a great dining guide, check out:

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