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San Diego Roommate Tips

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What are some good clubs in San Diego?

The Night Life in San Diego

Club Tremos and Café Sevilla are a couple of great choices for you and your roommates if you're looking for a night out dancing in San Diego. The nightlife in San Diego includes a wide selection of bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from. A great source for nightlife information sorted by location and theme can be found at:

What are some good restaurants in San Diego?

Great Mexican Food in San Diego

In a big city like San Diego, the dining options for you and your roommates is endless. All types of food in all price ranges will keep you busy, and full. Start off with seafood options and you'll see the list is long. Try Aqua Blu or De Medici if you're in the hip Gas Lamp Quarter looking for seafood. If youyou're your roommates are in the mood for steak, check out George's on Fifth, or MAX New York. For a detailed list of options with reviews, please visit:

Where can I find roommates in San Diego?

San Diego Neighborhoods

San Diego roommate tips: If you're looking for roommates in San Diego, you must love the beach lifestyle. There are some beautiful neighborhoods for you and your roommates to choose from like La Jolla, Pacific Beach, or even downtown San Diego in the newly revitalized Gaslamp Quarter. Before driving to each of the different neighborhoods, it makes sense to do some research online. If you're trying to learn the general geography, a good source is: After you and your roommates have had a chance to do some research, and you have identified some potential neighborhoods, you should take the time to visit the ones at the top of your list. After visiting the neighborhoods, and you and your roommates are in agreement about the top choices, begin your search. Many apartment and roommate locator services allow you to focus your search on particular areas, or neighborhoods.

What is there to do in San Diego?

San Diego Fun

San Diego is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions to keep you and your roommates busy. Some great roommate outings include the San Diego Zoo, or Sea World. Let's not forget miles of beautiful beaches that run through towns like La Jolla and Pacific Beach. For a detailed list of attractions and other events, please visit:

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