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Available Brooklyn Roommates Tips

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Is it hard to find a good roommate in Brooklyn?

Find Your Perfect Roommate Match in Brooklyn

Looking for available Brooklyn roommates? Finding the perfect roommate in Brooklyn can be a difficult task. If you are clear about the type of roommate you are looking for, you can simplify your search. First, make sure you are clear on the basics when conducting a roommate search in Brooklyn. As an example, do you want to live with a smoker or non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Also, you should find out about your potential roommates work/school and sleeping schedules. Be sure that you and your roommates are on similar schedules, or you can work around each other's schedules. You also want to make sure you're your roommate is trustworthy. Many roommate services offer background checks to make sure that your new roommate is someone you can trust.

Is Brooklyn as fun as Manhattan?

Brooklyn Events and Activities

As a close neighbor to Manhattan, Brooklyn offers a comparable amount of events and activities to choose from. And since Brooklyn is a bit more eclectic than Manhattan, you'll find a wide selection of arts, music, and shows on cutting edge. You and your roommates will find no shortage of events for the social calendar in Brooklyn. For a detailed list of events, nightlife, and a dining guide please visit:

Where can I find roommates in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Commuting

Brooklyn is a great place to live if you don't want to own and drive a car. You and your roommates can enjoy a short train ride to Manhattan and the other boroughs. Brooklyn is blanketed by an extensive public transportation system, If you are concerned about roommate safety with regards to the subway system late at night, you can always catch a cab, or car service, for a few bucks. If you choose to have a car, parking is actually much easier than Manhattan, and there are several bridges connecting Brooklyn to the other boroughs.

Where can I find roommates in Brooklyn?

Finding the Right Brooklyn Borough for You

As a large borough of New York City, Brooklyn offers a wide selection of places to live. If you are not familiar with the different neighborhoods, check out a good article from at: Before you select an apartment or roommate situation, it's a good idea to visit the neighborhood. Get a feel for the culture, stores, and people in the day, and night time. You and your roommates should make sure that the neighborhood fits your lifestyles and that everyone is comfortable. If you are still searching for an apartment and/or roommate, most locator services allow you to conduct a search by neighborhood.

Is there good food in Brooklyn?

Find Great Dining in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Dining: Brooklyn is a close second to Manhattan when it comes to sheer volume of dining options. With neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope, Brooklyn's restaurant scene is constantly growing and changing. For starters, you and your roommates cannot avoid the old time institution, Peter Lugers. For a detailed list to begin exploring by neighborhood, check out:

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