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Portland Roommate Tips

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Where can I find roommates in Portland?

Nightlife in Portland

If you and your roommates want to go dancing in Portland, there are many options like Ohm, or Red Sea. Maybe you are into live music and like to hang out at Mt. Tabor or Satyricon. Regardless, Portland is a great city for nightlife. You and your roommates should check out the detailed list of bars, clubs, and restaurants at:

Where can I eat out in Portland?

Eating in Portland

Portland roommate tips: Portland's restaurant scene is perfect for you and your roommates to get out and taste something from all parts of the world. The selection in Portland includes Thai, Greek, German, Chinese, and African to name a few. You can dine at Angel's or the Berlin Inn if German cuisine is your fancy. If you're in the mood for a roommate dinner, Greek style, try out Alexis or Berbati's Pan. For a detailed list of restaurant options, please visit:

Where can I find roommates in Portland?

Portland Neighborhoods

If you're looking for apartments and roommates in Portland, you have made a great choice. Portland offers a great deal of diversity and culture. Before you start driving around to visit each of the neighborhoods, spend some time reading and researching the city online. Identify some potential neighborhoods. Then, you and your roommates should take the time to visit each one to shorten your list. It's a good idea to factor in your commute to school, or work, and check out the public transportation options. After you and your roommates are in agreement about the top choices, begin your search. Fortunately, many apartment and roommate locator services allow you to focus your search on particular areas, or neighborhoods.

Does Portland have anything to do?

Living in Portland

Whether it's the Portland Rose Gardens or the Portland Art Museum, you and your roommates will certainly enjoy the long list of attractions this great city offers. Portland has great natural beauty and wonderful cultural diversity. For a detailed list of attractions, please check out: If you're looking for some day-trips, or roommate outings, you should check out the nearby wine country and Columbia River Gorge.

Use a Portland roommate finder to find the perfect roommate.

Portland Roommates

Need help finding a roommate in Portland? When you're looking for a Portland roommate, the city's large population can make the search a challenge in itself. The first thing to do is simplify your roommate search, by listing the basics roommate requirements. Some examples of basic roommate requirements include; smoker vs. non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. If you are using a roommate locator service, you can probably filter your search by these basic requirements. Once you identify a potential roommate, you may want to consider a background check to make sure this person is trustworthy and reliable. Many roommate locator services offer credit and background checks to simplify the process.

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