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San Francisco Roommate Tips

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What is there to do with my roommate in San Francisco?

Attractions in San Francisco

From Golden Gate Bridge to the Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco offers many attractions to keep you and your roommates busy. You should also consider some wonderful roommate excursions like Napa Valley and Yosemite National Park. For a detailed list of San Francisco attractions and other events, please visit:

Where should I live in San Francisco?

San Francisco Neighborhoods, Top to Bottom

San Francisco roommate tips: The Marina, the Mission, Nob Hill…the list of neighborhood choices in San Francisco is long and full of character. If you're looking for a San Francisco roommate, you must love great food, great architecture and great big hills. Before touring each neighborhood, you and your roommates should do some research online. A good source for general San Francisco neighborhood descriptions can be found at: After you and your roommates have had a chance to do some research, you should take the time to visit the neighborhoods at the top of your list. Once you decide on your favorite neighborhoods, you should begin your search. You should be able to focus your search by neighborhood with many apartment and roommate locator services.

Where can I find roommates in San Francisco?

Crazy Nightlife in San Fran

Mission District and North Beach are just a few areas for you and your roommates to check out in San Francisco. The options for nightlife are as diverse as the city of San Francisco. If you're south of Market (SOMA), and looking for dance clubs, you and your roommates should try out Club X, or Club NV. For a detailed list of nightlife broken down by neighborhood, check out:

How do I find a good San Francisco Roommate?

Choose Your San Francisco Roommate

Need help finding a San Francisco roommate? If you are looking for a roommate in San Francisco, you have made a great choice. To start your search, it's a good idea to narrow your selection and list your basic requirements in a roommate. Some good examples of basic roommate requirements include; smoker vs. non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Most good roommate search services allow you to filter your search by these basic requirements. Also, you may want to consider a background check on your potential roommate if you do not have some history with this person. If you are using a good roommate locator service, they may offer credit and background checks through partner companies.

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