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Central US Roommates Tips

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Where should I live in Minneapolis?

The Larger Twin

Minneapolis is the larger of the Twin Cities and most of the city is positioned to the west of the Mississippi River.

Minneapolis is a city with many different neighborhoods. In fact, Minneapolis has more than 80 distinct neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics. If you're looking for Minneapolis roommates, tour the different neighborhoods to learn the areas you like before you start looking.

Are Universities good place to look for roommates?

Educational Opportunities

Chicago lacks nothing in the way of educational options. There are many public, private, and parochial schools in the area. For adults, there are a variety of choices as well. Available institutions include The University of Illinois at Chicago, DePaul University, and Rush University.

If you live in the downtown Chicago area and are close to many of the schools, consider posting a "Chicago roommate wanted" ad in the community bulletin online or on the community boards in those colleges. Make sure to put a "date available" for the roommate, and also go back and remove the postings once a roommate is found.

What are some of the different neighborhoods in Denver?

Denver Roommates have Diverse Neighborhood Options

Like any city, Denver consists of a variety of smaller neighborhoods. While some of these neighborhoods may share some similarities, many of the neighborhoods are very diverse. Before entering a shared rental agreement, it is important to research the different neighborhood. This will help you select one that is right for you. The city of Denver consists of approximately 15 distinct neighborhoods. Here we will highlight some of the more popular ones including Cherry Creek, Lower Downtown and Sloan Lake.

The Cherry Creek neighborhood is an upscale area in close proximity to the Cherry Creek Mall. The housing options in this area are luxurious and residents are surrounded by hundreds of stores, boutiques, art galleries, salons, restaurants and cafes. The neighborhood also has access to a 22 mile trail perfect for walkers, runners and bikers.

The Lower Downtown neighborhood, affectionately referred to as LoDo, has an urban feel. This area features bars, nightclubs, restaurants and retail stores. Much of the architecture in this neighborhood consists of red brick and arch windows. These simplistic design options were chosen after a devastating fire in 1863 destroyed much of the area.

The Sloan Lake neighborhood is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown areas and shopping districts. Cooper and Sloan lakes are located within the confines of this neighborhood and bring a source of beauty and entertainment to residents. This area has an eclectic feel with a variety of different housing options and a number of houses with unique designs.

Are the neighborhoods in Salt Lake City pretty similar?

Finding Salt Lake City Roommates in the Right Neighborhood.

When searching for a shared rental situation, it is important to consider the different neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. There are four very distinct neighborhoods within the confines of Salt Lake City. These neighborhoods include The Avenues, Harvard-Yale, Sugar House and Downtown Salt Lake. It is important to consider the location of these neighborhoods for practical reasons but it is also important to consider what each neighborhood has to offer to residents.

The Avenues is a neighborhood which offers a great deal to residents. This neighborhood is quaint with a number or recently restored historic homes. Tax incentive programs are encouraging the restoration of this thriving neighborhood.

The Harvard-Yale neighborhood is close to a number of points of interest including the University of Utah, the hospital and downtown. The housing options range from one story bungalows to massive Tudor estates. Renting a room in this historic neighborhood is definitely a unique experience.

The Sugar House neighborhood was named for a sugar mill which was under construction when the neighborhood was established. However, a number of complications prevented the completion of the sugar mill and it was never completed but the neighborhood retained the name. This neighborhood is known for excellent shopping and a friendly atmosphere.

Downtown Salt Lake City is the oldest neighborhood in Salt Lake City. The entire city grid system originates from this neighborhood. Also prominently featured in this neighborhood is the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This neighborhood also consists of a business district, the Gateway district and numerous retail businesses, restaurants and coffee shops lining

Main Street

How can I find ways to get to know my roommates better?

Sharing Interests with Your Denver Roommates

Living with a roommate can provide a variety of practical benefits. Reduced rent and shared housework are just two of these benefits which can make having a roommate worthwhile. Some renters may even find it is necessary to have a roommate because the rent would not be affordable without at least one other person to share the expense. However, roommates can also provide less practical benefits. Specifically, a roommate can provide companionship. Whether you select your Denver roommates because they are personal friends or you seek out relatives, acquaintances or strangers to share your housing unit, you may find maintaining a friendship with your roommate makes the living situation more enjoyable.

One way to bond with your Denver roommates is by partaking in local activities together. In the wintertime some of the most popular activities in the Denver areas are skiing and snowboarding. With a number of large ski areas within driving distance it is obvious why skiing is so popular in the Mile High City. Some of the more popular ski areas which are easily accessible from Denver Include Winter Park, Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, Beaver Creek, Vail and Breckenridge. There are also many more smaller ski areas as well as many other ski areas which are located further from the Denver metro area.

How can I make sure my roommate won’t have a lot of bulky equipment to store in our housing unit?

Special Considerations when Selecting a Roommate in Minneapolis

There are certain cities in which special factors must be considered when selecting a roommate. Specifically, some roommates may have a great deal of bulky equipment to store in the housing unit. This can happen anywhere, but is more likely to occur in areas where specific leisure activities are common. For example, roommates in cities near ski resorts may expect potential roommates to have equipment such as skis and snowboards. When selecting a roommate in Minneapolis it might be worthwhile to ask about the types of activities the potential roommate enjoys.

There are many lakes in Minneapolis. As a result activities such as canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing and jet skiing are all very popular. However, all of these activities also require large pieces of equipment. If storage space is limited, it is very important to ask potential roommates what type of items they will need to store in the housing unit.

What type of information should I share when seeking a roommate?

Finding a Roommate in Chicago

Whether you are looking for a roommate in Chicago or any city, you should be prepared to provide some basic information. Information such as rent, location and number of residents should always be divulged when seeking a roommate. Other information such as parking availability, whether or not the housing unit is furnished, the presence of pets and whether or not the individual smokes can also be very beneficial.

Those who are seeking a roommate who meets specific criteria should be prepared to share additional information when seeking a roommate. This may include information such as gender, race, sexual orientation and age. Even information such as hobbies, sleeping patterns and taste in music can help to ensure you select an ideal roommate.

How can I find a roommate in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City Roommates Find Matches in the Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake City Tribune is a valuable resource for those looking for roommates in Salt Lake City. Potential Salt Lake City roommates can find each other by using the classified section of this newspaper. A roommate can be found by either searching the classified for those seeking a roommate or placing an advertisement seeking a roommate situation.

Before placing an add either seeking a roommate or a roommate situation, registration is required. Registration is free and only requires basic information. Next it is time to select a category. The appropriate category would be rentals and the subcategory would be shared rental rooms. Posters then have the option of selecting one of the neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. Once this is completed, it is time to write the copy for the advertisement. Those who already have a housing unit and are seeking a roommate should provide information including the rent, size of the room or apartment and included amenities. Those who are looking for a roommate as well as a housing unit to share should state the desirable living conditions such as size of housing unit, location and the preferred roommate characteristics.

Could my roommates actions cause me to be evicted?

Understanding the Law for Minneapolis Roommates

Minneapolis roommates can cause serious problems for each other. Care should be taken to understand the law when entering into a roommate situation. Reading the rental agreement carefully is very important but it is also important to understand all local laws as well. This is important because there are a number of offenses which may result in the termination of a rental agreement.

Some of the infractions which may cause this type of problem include gambling, prostitution, unlawful sale of or possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession, transportation or sale of a weapon, disorderly conduct and noisy assemblies. Some of these infractions can result in a rental termination on the first occurrence while others, such as disorderly conduct and noisy assemblies, require three verified events within a 12 month period before action is taken against the renter.

It is important for those living with a roommate to understand these laws. If possible, the rental agreement should be written to ensure the roommates will not be held accountable for each other's actions. This will help to prevent one roommate from having his rental agreement terminated as a result of the actions of the other roommate.

Can I find a roommate in Denver by using Craigslist?

Using Craigslist to Find Denver Roommates

Residents of Denver may find Craigslist to be a worthwhile resource for those who are seeking roommates. This website caters to over 450 cities and provides a number of different classified advertisements including advertisements for residence sharing. Prospective Denver roommates will find the Craigslist website fairly easy to navigate.

The process of finding a Denver roommate on Craigslist begins by navigating to the website dedicated specifically to the city of Denver. This is accomplished by selecting the city of Denver from the list of U.S. cities provided on the Craigslist homepage. Next users select, “rooms/shared” under the housing option. This will bring the user to a new webpage which provides the most recent postings arranged in reverse chronological order. Clicking on these postings will bring the user to more specific information for each posting such as location, rent, size of housing unit, contact information and sometimes even pictures of the unit.

What are some of the popular neighborhoods in Chicago.

Chicago Roommates have Many Neighborhood Options

Selecting a roommate is a very serious decision. Individuals must consider a wide variety of compatibility factors. However, Chicago roommates have some unique considerations. Specifically, they should consider the area in which they choose to live. This is important because the Chicago metro area offers a variety of neighborhoods for residents to consider. Each of these neighborhoods has a unique personality. Some of the neighborhoods roommates may wish to investigate further include Irving Park, Bucktown, Loop and Ravenswood.

The Irving Park neighborhood is ideal for those who are seeking larger lots and more areas of botanical interest. This neighborhood also offers a number of smaller shopping districts which feature delis, bakeries, pubs and retail stores. Housing options in this neighborhood include Victorian homes and multi-unit apartment complexes.

Bucktown is an excellent neighborhood for those seeking a more artsy environment. An annual art festival held in August in this neighborhood attracts 30,000 visitors. Bucktown also offers a variety of late night options, including trendy bars and clubs.

The Loop neighborhood is the business mecca of Chicago with prominent building such as the Sears Tower, the Chicago Board of Trade and the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the County and State buildings residing in this neighborhood. The neighborhood is also the location of Taste of Chicago which is a two week culinary event attracting over 3 million revelers.

Ravenswood is a neighborhood which caters to a variety of different types of peoples. This area features a number of unique retail business as well as many trendy restaurants. However, it also includes beautiful Victorian homes and many parks making it a neighborhood that appeals to young singles as well as families.


Large Downtown Denver Tip: Looking for love? ranks the Denver-Boulder metro area as number one for singles in the entire country. Find Denver roommates and start enjoying all the area has to offer.


Move to the Suburbs Tip: A good idea is to post commuter information in your roomate finder ad so that potential roommates know exactly how far they will have to commute between work and home.


Attracting Salt Lake City Roommates Tip: To get more responses to your ad for roommates, include details about the area in which you live such as commuting distance from the most popular destinations, and travel time to shopping centers and popular tourist destinations. Doing so, can go a long way toward sparking the interest of potential Salt Lake City roommates.


The Larger Twin Tip: Don't feel you must jump at the first ad you see for Minneapolis roommates. Minneapolis is large enough that you'll be sure to find plenty of people interested in sharing expenses. Take your time.


Educational Opportunities Tip: Studying is important to students. If you're in school, choose Chicago roommates that will give you quiet time when you need it. If you're out of school but have a student roommate, don't forget the days when your were doing homework; turn that music down!


Central Weather Tip: If you live in a city that is subject to hazardous weather conditions, make sure you tell your potential roommate about steps you've taken to secure the living situation. If you have renter's insurance or homeowner's insurance, you can split the bill so that you both pay for equal protection of your home.

What is there to do in Denver?

Large Downtown Denver

With the tenth largest downtown in the United States, Denver is home to a selection of sport stadiums. It also hosts more than 300 restaurants, many museums, and plenty of galleries and shopping opportunities. The city's restored historic district has a plethora of brewpubs and taverns. The city also offers a performing arts center that is the second largest in the country. The downtown even has an amusement park.

Should I look for roommates if I'm new to Chicago?

Many Sections of the Windy City

Chicago has many different sections. There's the Old Town section, River North, and the Gold Coast. There are also areas called the Magnificent Mile and Streeterville. The city is famous for the Sears Tower and has a happening downtown area, shopping area and a lot of theater activity.

With the University of Chicago and Northwestern University located directly in downtown Chicago, the possibilities for Chicago roommates are endless.

Is Wisconsin a Central State?

Central or Not?

Whether or not your state is considered part of the Central United States probably won't matter to potential roommates from other states. Instead, they'll probably want to learn about employment potential and the cost of living. Some may be interested in educational opportunities. Almost all will want to hear about entertainment in your area. If your city has a website, consider placing the link in your roommate-wanted ad. Doing so will help potential roommates determine whether or not you area interests them.

What is tornado alley?

Tornado Reality

You may hear the term “Tornado Alley” associated with states in the central portion of the United States. This is because many of the central states are reputed to experience more tornados than other areas.

Educate potential roommates about the frequency of tornados in your area. Be sure to tell them about any safety features you have, such as storm cellars or a strengthened roof. Let them know of any precautionary measures taken by local officials. Last, but not least, remind potential roommates that tornados can happen just about anywhere.

What is the weather like in the Central States?

Central Weather

In the central region of the United States, winters are typically cold. Much of the winter precipitation in this region reaches the ground as snow. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky have particularly heavy winter precipitation. Summers are often warm and heat waves are frequent. To learn more about weather in this region, take a look at weather websites and the US Almanac for more information.

Why should I live in Denver?

Denver Beauty

Denver holds an impressive title as one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains and graces its residents with approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. The city can be described as lively and wonderful for those who love the great outdoors. Denver also offers much in the way of recreation and entertainment.

In a city with so much to see and do, you'll want to keep more of your money in your pocket for spending on fun things. Finding roommates can help you to do so. Figure out how much rent you can afford and still have cash for recreation. Create a budget and don't forget to add in money for food, utilities, and transportation. Once you've found roommates to help you foot the bill, sticking to your budget should be easy.

Is Wisconsin a good place to live?

Wisconsin: More Than Just Cheese

Looking for a job and willing to relocate? Wisconsin boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country. What's more, Wisconsin also boasts a very low cost of living.

If you're considering a move to Wisconsin, be sure to look for roommate-wanted ads on the Internet. Securing a roommate situation is a good way to get on your feet in a new area and make new friends.

How can I get more responses for my ad for roommates?

Attracting Salt Lake City Roommates

There's plenty to see and do in Salt Lake City, Utah. The city has an undeniably western heritage and boasts mountain vistas and beautiful snow-topped mountains. Salt Lake City also has seven year-round resorts nearby, offering plenty of recreational opportunities.

You'll have less trouble finding Salt Lake City roommates if you live in an area close to things like shopping, recreation, and jobs. Living near a college or university can also serve to boost your chances of finding Salt Lake City roommates.

Where can I find state information?

State Specifics

Considering a move to a new state can be a simultaneously frightening and exhilarating proposition. Being informed, however, can make your move much more comfortable. Most states have websites designed to provide information on a variety of state specific topics. You can even find information about relocating on many state websites. A good place to start your search is always on the city's website.

Before you begin answering ads for roommates, go ahead and search the Internet for information about the area you've chosen. Think about the details you're still lacking once you've read through a site or two. Make a list, based on these topics, of questions to ask potential roommates.

Should I move to a major city?

Move to the Suburbs

Though moving in with a roommate can make your expenses more manageable, you may wish to lower costs even more. Large cities are likely to have higher rental rates, so consider moving outside of the city a little bit to save on real estate costs. To save more money, consider finding a roommate in a suburban or even rural area close to the city. Fortunately in some states, you can find a lower cost roommate situation within a 15-minute commute to a major city.

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