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How can I go about finding roommates in California?

California Roommates

When searching for roommates in California, there are a few places you should check. First of all, if you use the internet, you can go to websites like and to search for roommates. Here you will be able to use search tools to find out what kind of roommates are available, and what their expectations are for a shared living arrangement. You can also use online classifieds, such as, to find roommates in California. Since Craigslist has listings all over the United States, including several in and around California, you can use their services to find just the right roommate. You can also post a wanted ad for a roommate, and see what kind of response you get. Another, less technology-based solution is to go down to your local supermarket, coffee shop or university/college. These places usually have bulletin boards, and you will generally find at least one or two ads up from people who either need roommates or want to become a roommate. As always, when searching for a roommate in California or anywhere else, use caution and trust your judgment when meeting new people so that you can stay as safe as possible during your search.

How do I find roommates in Washington?

Washington Roommates

If you are in Washington and looking for roommates for your apartment or house, you can find them quickly and easily by using a few good search methods. To begin looking for Washington roommates, search online classifieds, such as the ever popular On sites like this, you will find ads from people who need roommates, or from people who have a room or apartment to share. You can also post ads here free of charge, in the event that you do not find anyone that you want to room with. Other online options include places like and, both of which charge a nominal fee to use, but which also have more refined search options than other sites. Other than searching online, the best way to find Washington roommates is to go into local stores, such a grocery stores or coffee shops, and look for ads that people routinely hang on bulletin boards. If you look here, or on college campuses, you will usually find some ads from people who need roommates, and if not, you can print out and post your own ad on the boards for others to find.

How should I go about searching for Seattle roommates?

Seattle Roommates

Seattle roommates may seem like they are in short supply, but if you focus your searches in a few key areas, you will quickly discover that there are plenty of people in Seattle who are looking for roommates, too. To start with, try to search for roommates offline by going down to your local college and looking at bulletin boards that are hanging in hallways and classrooms. Generally, there are always at least a few ads that are posted by people who are in search of roommates. You can also try similar tactics at local shops and grocery stores, where there might also be bulletin boards. After you have searched through these places, you can expand your search to the internet and places like, a free online classified website. Here, you will find a section dedicated to finding housing and roommates, and you will be able to both view and post ads free of charge. Other alternatives to Craigslist include sites that charge a small fee to access and use, such as and While they do cost a certain amount to use, they can more than make up for it in the quality of the results you will get, since they allow you to search and sort by a large number of criteria.

How can I find San Francisco roommates?

San Franciso Roommates

San Francisco roommates can be challenging to find if you do not know where to look to find them. However, there are a few tried-and-true methods that can assure you of finding a roommate, if you are willing to look hard enough. First, try looking through online classifieds, such as those found on Here you will find ads posted by people looking for roommates, and you will be able to post your own free ads, too. Other websites you can use for searching for roommates include and Although these sites require a nominal fee to join or send messages, they are well worth it due to the level of detail they provide about potential roommates. If you would prefer to use offline methods, then bulletin boards located at grocery stores, coffee shops and university campuses frequently contain ads from people looking for roommates. Regardless of which method you use to locate San Francisco roommates, be careful in your interactions with new people, and always take someone with you when you go to meet the person or to look at their apartment.

How do I go about finding San Diego roommates?

San Diego Roommates

If you live in San Diego, you might be having trouble finding roommates. To alleviate this problem and find San Diego roommates, here are a few things you can try:

- Websites such as and, which offer search tools and search criteria to aid you in finding the perfect roommate. (Although these cost a small fee to use, they can be invaluable in your search).

- Online classifieds like, where people can post free ads that let others know that they are either looking for roommates or would like to become a roommate themselves. (Craigslist has a local San Diego site that is ideal for searching for roommates).

- Shops, stores and college campuses where they have bulletin boards, which will usually have at least one or two ads up about people who are searching for roommates. (These are most popular during the spring and summer, when people are looking for roommates the most).

If you use these strategies, you will be well on your way to finding San Diego roommates.

Where can I find Los Angeles roommates?

Los Angeles Roommates

When searching for Los Angeles roommates, try a variety of different methods to get the best results. First, start with an online search, using websites that have been created specifically for the task of finding roommates. These sites, including and, have tools imbedded in them for finding roommates, and you can quickly see what people are available in Los Angeles who want to become roommates. Other online options are online classified ads, such as those that are offered through Craigslist has a large number of ads for Los Angeles roommates, and you will be able to both view and post ads free of charge. When you have finished searching online, try offline methods to aid you in your search. If you go into local supermarkets, coffee shops and colleges or universities, you are likely to find bulletin boards with ads posted on them by members of the community. Generally, you will find at least one or two ads here that will be from people who either want to become roommates, or are looking for roommates themselves. You can easily post ads of your own if you wish, if you do not find someone who meets your criteria from the already posted ads.

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