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Las Vegas Roommate Finder Tips

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What is there to do in Las Vegas other than gambling?

Do I Have to Gamble?

Most people think of casinos and gambling when they think of Las Vegas. While the casinos are a wonderful attraction, Las Vegas offers much more for you and your roommates. Some larger events and attractions include; Laughlin River Stampede, Las Vegas World Cup, and the City of Lights Jazz Festival in April. For a detailed list of events, please check out:

How do I pick the right Las Vegas Roommate?

Showgirl? Poker Dealer? Programmer?: Las Vegas Roommates

Las Vegas roommate finder:
Las Vegas is a very large city with a large population, so finding a roommate can take some work. Try to simplify your search by developing a list of basic roommate requirements that you are looking for. Some good examples of roommate “deal-breakers” include; smoker vs. non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Once you've had a chance to meet with your potential roommate and decided to move forward, it's a good idea to check out this person's background. Many roommate services offer credit checks to make sure your new roommate is trustworthy and reliable.

Tell me about Las Vegas nightlife?

Foodies Love Las Vegas

Las Vegas is fast becoming one of the world's foremost cities for dining. If you and your roommates like to enjoy a nice meal out on the town, Las Vegas is the place for you. Looking for Italian food on the Vegas Strip? Check out Al Dente, or Bootleg Bistro. The selection for cuisine, décor, and price is endless. Check out a great website for reviews and recommendations at:


Where can I find roommates in Las Vegas?

It's Vegas Baby, Yeah!

Las Vegas is synonymous with gambling, so you won't find any shortage of casinos to choose from. If you and your roommates are not big gamblers, there are still plenty of options for bars, restaurants, and clubs. Some of the more popular nightclubs include; The Beach, OPM, and Coyote Ugly. For a detailed list of nightlife for your roommates to begin exploring, please visit:

Where can I find roommates in Las Vegas?

Beyond the Strip: Living in Las Vegas

As one of the largest US cities, Las Vegas offers a lot of choices for neighborhoods to live in. Before you get in your car, you and your Las Vegas roommates should do a little research on Las Vegas. For a decent overview of the area, check out:


Once you've researched the neighborhoods online, you and your roommates should visit the top choices to make sure that everyone is comfortable in person. Now that you have seen the neighborhoods, you can simplify your search for an apartment or other roommates. Many roommate and apartment locator services allow you to search by neighborhood.

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