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Austin Roommate Tips

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What is going on in Austin?

Year Round Austin Events

Austin is a hopping city! Whether you are looking for art, music, farmer's markets, rodeos, or whatever. Austin is a great place for you and your roommates to fill your calendar. For a detailed list of annual events organized by month, please visit:

How can I find the right roommate in Austin?

Finding the Right Roommate in Austin

Austin is one of the largest US cities, so finding a roommate in Austin isn't easy. Here are a few Austin roommate tips: It may seem obvious, but you should always make sure to cover the basics when searching for a roommate. For example, do you want to live with a smoker or non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Austin also has several large universities, so you'll want to consider whether, or not, you are searching for a roommate who is in college. Make sure you and your roommates are on similar schedules to avoid conflict. The clearer you are about the type of roommate you are looking for, the better your search. You also want to make sure you're your roommate is reliable and trustworthy. Several roommate services offer background and credit checks to make sure that your new roommate is someone you can count on when rent is due.

Is there good dining in Austin?

Eat Well in the Capital of Texas

Looking for Austin roommate tips? The capital of Texas certainly offers a wide selection of restaurants for you and your roommates to explore. If you like to get out for a nice meal, a couple of suggested restaurants in downtown Austin include; Gumbo's and Paradise Café. For a great dining guide that is organized by neighborhoods, please visit:

Where can I find roommates in Austin?

Like Live Music, You will Love Austin!

Between the University of Texas and the booming music scene in Austin, there is no shortage of nightlife and entertainment. You and your Austin roommates won't want to spend much time in the apartment with all of the options; new bars, sports bars, and places to meet singles to name a few categories. For a long list to add to your social calendar, please check out and search Austin “Bars and Nightlife”.

Where can I find roommates in Austin?

Hip Austin Neighborhoods

Austin is arguably the hippest city in Texas. With the University of Texas and a red-hot music scene, you and your roommates are in for a very cool scene. From Sixth Street, the “Music Capital of the World” to the historic homes of Hyde Park, the neighborhoods of Austin offer many flavors. For a detailed description of the different neighborhoods in Austin, please visit: Ideally, you should visit several different neighborhoods with your roommates to select the one that best fits your lifestyles. Fortunately, most apartment and roommate finder services allow you to conduct your search by neighborhood.

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