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Phoenix Roommate Tips

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Where can I find roommates in Phoenix?

Living in Phoenix

Phoenix is described as the melting pot of the Midwest with a wide variety of areas for you and your roommates to live. For a general overview of Phoenix and the neighborhoods, please check out: Take advantage of online resources to research the neighborhoods of Phoenix. Also, take a look at the public transportation options for your commute to work, or school, and factor the commute into your neighborhood selection. You and your roommates should visit each of the areas on your short list. After visiting the different areas and making a decision about the preferred choices, you should begin your search for places to live. Many apartment and roommate services allow you to search by neighborhood.

What can my roommates and I do at night in Phoenix?

Nightlife in Phoenix

There is no shortage of nightlife for you and your roommates in Phoenix. Phoenix offers a huge selection of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs for you and your roommates to enjoy. Check out Hollywood Alley and Cactus Jack's for starters, and work your way from there. For a detailed listing of nightlife options in Phoenix, please visit:

How do I find a nice roommate in Phoenix?

Finding Roommates in Phoenix

Looking for Phoenix roommate tips? As the sixth largest city in the US, Phoenix offers many options for a roommate search. You can simplify your search by listing your basic requirements for a roommate. Some good examples of basic roommate requirements include; smoker vs. non-smoker, pets or no pets, male or female, etc. Many roommate locator services allow you to search based off of these basic requirements. Once you identify a potential roommate, consider a background check on this person before you sign the lease. Many roommate locator services offer credit and background checks associated with the search service.

Where should I eat in Phoenix?

Eating Out in Phoenix

You and your roommates will never get tired of exploring the Phoenix restaurant scene. Offering every type of cuisine for all budgets, Phoenix will keep you well fed and happy. For starters in Phoenix, check out Bandera and the Alamo for traditional American cuisine. If you want to check out an online guide, visit:

Is there a lot to do in Phoenix, AZ?

Attractive Phoenix

As the sixth largest US city, Phoenix has some great attractions for you and your roommates. Take advantage of great museums, galleries, and fine dining. Also, the warm climate in Phoenix makes outdoor activities like hot-air ballooning and desert touring a perfect choice for roommate outings. The Desert Botanical Garden and Out of Africa Wildlife Park are just a few of the major attractions that Phoenix has to offer. For a detailed list of Phoenix attractions, please check out:

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