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The Benefits of Multiple Roommates

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Are there benefits to having more than one roommate?

The Benefits of Multiple Roommates

Having multiple roommates can be a wonderful way to get acquainted with a new city. Through roommates, you have an automatic social circle to start with. If you're moving in with others who are new to the area, you have people with whom you can share your new experiences. Two heads are better than one, and three or four are even better!



10/21/2006 10:42:45 PM
Alley said:

I totally agree with this! When I first moved into my college house, I knew one girl and there four strangers, all women. Most people hear- 6 women, one house- and think it must be terribly. But it was by the far the best experience. Those 5 girls became my closest friends. I learned so much about myself and other people in those two years. Although there were some trying times, it was no more than if I lived with just one person. I think any situation is what you make it to be. And we made it great!


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