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Live Safely

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Where are the safest places to live on the West Coast?

Live Safely

Los Angeles, California, has its charms, but it also has higher crime rates than many other West Coast cities, and a higher cost of living to boot.

According to the 2000 census in the area, the median income for a household was $36,687 and the per capita income was $20,671. Twenty-two percent of the population, however, were below the poverty line. According to popular roommate finder websites including,, and, rentals range from $750/per person to over $2,500/per person, depending on the location of the apartment or house.

However, in Los Angeles location does matter. While the crime rate has declined over the past decade, Los Angeles is still one of the most dangerous cities.
The COMPSTAT unit of the LAPD reports that Los Angeles hit a record low in 2005, with 43,231 acts of violence, of which 487 were homicides. In contrast, Los Angeles peaked in 1992 with 72,667 recorded crimes, of which 1,096 were homicides; and 245,129 recorded property crimes.



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