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Understanding the Law for Minneapolis Roommates

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Could my roommates actions cause me to be evicted?

Understanding the Law for Minneapolis Roommates

Minneapolis roommates can cause serious problems for each other. Care should be taken to understand the law when entering into a roommate situation. Reading the rental agreement carefully is very important but it is also important to understand all local laws as well. This is important because there are a number of offenses which may result in the termination of a rental agreement.

Some of the infractions which may cause this type of problem include gambling, prostitution, unlawful sale of or possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession, transportation or sale of a weapon, disorderly conduct and noisy assemblies. Some of these infractions can result in a rental termination on the first occurrence while others, such as disorderly conduct and noisy assemblies, require three verified events within a 12 month period before action is taken against the renter.

It is important for those living with a roommate to understand these laws. If possible, the rental agreement should be written to ensure the roommates will not be held accountable for each other's actions. This will help to prevent one roommate from having his rental agreement terminated as a result of the actions of the other roommate.



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