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Roommate Matching Made Easy

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How does Roommate matching work?

Roommate Matching Made Easy

Roommate matching made easy sounds too good to be true; after all, if good roommates were so easy to find then there wouldn't be so many stories about bad roommates. But with a little planning and preparation, it really is possible to find a roommate you can live with.

Use roommate matching services like those provided by Fast and discreet, these services allow anyone with a computer to post a profile that is matched against thousands of others to find the best match. Instead of spending day after day weeding through ads that fall short, roommate matching services use a systematic approach to connect potential roommates. It begins when you create a free account and short profile indicating if you are searching for a place to live or have a place to offer. You then have the opportunity to detail your criteria including location, amenities, gender, pets, smoking preferences and much more.

Your profile is matched against others in the database for location, preferences and other selected criteria that you indicated as being important to you. For best results, be as realistic and honest as possible. Once your profile is matched you can view basic results or upgrade for a small fee to view even more information. Your contact information remains confidential until you decide to release it.

That's all there is to it. No more hours of searching, spam mail from those "free" bulletin board sites or crank calls at all hours of the day and night. Review your best roommate matching candidates from the convenience of your own home and initiate contact with only the ones you are interested in.



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